‘The Office’: Jenna Fischer Reveals the Real Reason This Pivotal Jim and Pam Scene Was So Emotional

by Jeremy Spirogis
Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly and John Krasinski as Jim Halpert on

This fan-favorite second from The Office was a turning level in Jim and Pam’s relationship — one which moved actor Jenna Fischer (and the episode’s director) to tears. Jim, who had been interviewing for a place on the company workplace, modified his thoughts in regards to the job, returning to Scranton to ask Pam out.

Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly and John Krasinski as Jim Halpert on 'The Office'
Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly and John Krasinski as Jim Halpert on ‘The Office’ | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal through Getty Images

‘The Office’ reveals Jim and Pam’s heart-to-heart speak

In the season three finale of The Office, it seems that Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) is pursuing a brand new chapter in his life, interviewing for a job within the Dunder Mifflin company workplace.

Viewers get to see how issues performed out after Pam (Fischer), exhilarated from strolling throughout scorching coals within the earlier episode (“Beach Games”), informed Jim how she felt about him.

During Jim’s interview, he’s requested the place he sees himself in 10 years and followers see the dialog the 2 had after Pam blurted the whole lot out on the seashore.

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Jim lastly asks Pam out

Back within the Scranton workplace, it’s business as common, however Jim’s desk chair sits empty as he’s in New York for the interview.

In a speaking head scene, Pam shares her ideas on Jim seemingly getting the job. She will get interrupted by him as he surprises her with a query that thrills her.

“I haven’t heard anything, but I bet Jim got the job,” Pam says within the speaking head. “I mean, why wouldn’t he? He’s totally qualified and smart; everyone loves him. And … if he never comes back again, that’s OK. We’re friends and I’m sure we’ll stay friends. We just … we never got the timing right, you know? I shot him down, and then he did the same to me. But you know what? It’s OK, I’m totally fine. Everything is going to be totally …”

Jim opens the door and apologizes to the digicam for interrupting the interview. “Um. Are you free for dinner tonight?,” he asks Pam. When she says “Yes,” he notes, “Alright, then it’s a date.”

Pam is emotional, trying like she’s about to cry, and makes an attempt to refocus on the interview, asking, “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

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There’s a cause Jenna Fischer began to cry

During the Nov. 18 Office Ladies podcast, Fischer recalled filming the scene and defined why she teared up — it had the whole lot to do with the episode’s director, Ken Kwapis.

When Fischer’s co-host Angela Kinsey remarked, “Ken Kwapis said you made him cry,” Fischer gave the behind-the-scenes scoop.

“I owe that moment to Ken Kwapis and I’ll tell you why … it’s crazy because Ken Kwapis, he was a type of father figure to us,” she defined.

Fischer obtained teary-eyed interested by the best way the director was so form and great. “I think we got that on the first take,” she mentioned of the scene.

She continued, “We had kind of planned it out with the camera when it was going to swish over and when it was going to come back to me. So in that moment, when the camera swishes back to me, I was actually looking at Ken Kwapis and he had tears in his eyes and that made me tear up and we just shared this moment, this private moment of acknowledgement for this journey of this character.”

Fischer added, “And he smiled at me, in a way that a parent smiles at you when they’re proud of you.”

Kinsey in contrast it to a dad giving the encouragement of “Like, you did it, kiddo. You did it.”

Fischer puzzled if she might have had that efficiency with every other director on the helm, noting, “That was a moment between Ken and I. That was about my personal Jenna journey with Ken Kwapis on this show.”

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