‘The Office’ Used an Unconventional Comedy Tactic to Captivate Audiences

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Part of what makes The Office an excellent present is its authenticity issue. For showrunners, making a present that felt actual took the usage of an unconventional comedic technique. 

Find out what comedy tactic helped the workers of Dunder Mifflin change into so hilarious. 

Cast of 'The Office'
Cast of ‘The Office’ | Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal through Getty Images

Brian Baumgartner is pulling again the curtain on ‘The Office’

Brian Baumgartner performed Kevin Malone on the present. Now, he’s the host of the podcast An Oral History of The Office. 

It boggles Baumgartner’s thoughts how The Office has managed to entertain generations of viewers. To perceive why that’s, he interviewed his castmates, showrunners, and digital camera crews.

In episode 3, “Everything That Makes It Harder, Makes It Better,” Baumgartner comes one step nearer to the reply. 

Directors invited the forged to do their scenes as an alternative of demanding it

Showrunners made a number of tactical choices so they might create a world that felt genuine. Director Ken Kwapis discovered methods to maintain the forged and crew honed in to the truth that was Dunder Mifflin however in a manner that didn’t really feel pressured. 

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Instead of claiming, “Action!” Kwapis would invite his actors to “Go ahead.” In this fashion, the actors by no means felt too faraway from their roles. “You’re not just suddenly turning on…you’re already in it — just go ahead,” Kate Flannery recalled. 

“I stopped using the word ‘action,’” Kwapis mentioned. “I feel like actors find that it does take a bit of the own-ness off of the acting part. It’s like there’s real life, and then there’s the scene. So if you can erase the line between real life and the scene, that might help.” 

Long, awkward pauses helped make ‘The Office’ an excellent present 

Everything that went on behind the scenes, together with the actor’s prep work and the showrunners selections, helped create the present so many individuals know and love. But the fascinating rhythms and distinctive comedic timing are what makes The Office so particular. 

“The rhythms were not like any kind of comedic rhythm you would ever see,” co-executive producer Teri Weinberg defined. “We took pride in the super long pauses.” 

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At the time, exhibits on tv didn’t function the “talking head” pictures The Office did. “The only kind of ‘confessionals’ that you would see were the Bernie Mac confessionals where he would talk to America,” Weinberg recalled. “We were kind of defying all of the conventional broadcast comedy rhythms, tropes, and things like that by just being a fly on the wall in one of the most boring places in the history of a paper company.” 

That distinctive method is what has allowed The Office to stay related. “Eveyrthing we did was kind of like ‘F*ck it, this is the natural life of what happens in this workplace, and we’re going for it,’” Weinberg added. 

Baumgartner identified how most of the individuals who labored on the present didn’t assume it was going to final. Fortunately, they have been very fallacious — and proceed to be! The Office continues to entertain technology after technology, because of its new dwelling on Netflix. 

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