The Other Lesser-Known Role Creed Bratton Played on ‘The Office’

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Creed Bratton performed Creed Bratton on The Office. Creed is the high quality assurance director of the Scranton department. He’s received a colourful previous and a devilish aspect, to say the least.

Creed Bratton on 'The Office'
Creed Bratton on ‘The Office’ | Colleen Hayes/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal by way of Getty Images by way of Getty Images

In an interview with Vanity Fair Bratton did in 2009, he claimed to be simply completely different sufficient in actual life from the Creed he portrayed in The Office, saying if he did act precisely like his character, “I’d be in jail, right?”

“This is how it started out: [executive producer] Greg [Daniels] decided that since I had been in The Grass Roots [a rock band in the 1960s] and was a rock star, it was obvious that I’d be burned out. In reality, I’m not burned out—I’ve actually kept myself pretty healthy through the years—but I can play that really well. So we just went from there, and the next thing you know, I’ve got four toes and I grew up in an iron lung,” he stated.

Creed Bratton’s early work on ‘The Office’

As followers of the present most likely bear in mind, Creed wasn’t initially part of the principle solid. But Bratton was concerned from the start.

“I used to be engaged on The Bernie Mac Show, and my good buddy Joe Moore, the primary A.D. [assistant director], launched me to [director] Ken Kwapis. He was a giant Grass Roots fan, and we hit it off—he is aware of all about rock ’n’ roll—and Joe later informed me that [Kwapis] was doing The Office,” he stated. “Now, I was a big fan of the Ricky Gervais show, the British show, so I called [Kwapis] and pleaded with him to at least consider me. He said, ‘We’ve already cast it, but if you want to come along, we’ll stick you in the background. I can’t guarantee you any lines, but I will do what I can to work you into the mix.’”

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So Bratton received on set and was labored into the background. Before Creed Bratton turned Creed Bratton, he did some voice work for the present. Remember when Michael speaks to a coal shaft operator in season one? That’s Bratton.

How Creed Bratton turned Creed Bratton on ‘The Office’

Eventually, Bratton realized if he wished a much bigger half he’d need to “do something drastic.”

“So for two weeks, I listened to the talking heads and read the scripts, and then I wrote my own bit.”

And the remaining is historical past.

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“I shot an hour of stuff with Joe Moore’s help, cut it down to about five minutes, and presented it to Greg Daniels and everybody else. A couple of days later, they said, ‘Well, you’re funny.’ And then next season, on the Halloween episode, they gave me my shot,” he stated.

In true Creed vogue, Bratton noticed what he wished (a component in The Office) and simply… took it.

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