The Real Reason Kylie Jenner’s Assistant Just Quit

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Kylie Jenner’s life appears quite perfect. From her Instagram pictures revealing every little thing her considerable bag collection to her several deluxe vehicles, to her life as a mom, operating after her child girl, Stormi — Jenner appears since carefree as they show up.

However, it will take many strive to run Jenner’s life. Not just may be the Kylie Beauty mogul juggling life as a businesswoman, but she has also the everyday jobs of motherhood, turning up on her family, and checking in along with her hundreds of thousands upon an incredible number of followers.

From her residence to her business — the billionaire undoubtedly can’t operate her whole home and life style on the very own. Therefore having a reliable and expert staff is essential. However, Jenner only destroyed her right-hand lady.

Kylie Jenner’s individual associate only stop

Kylie Jenner’s individual associate, Victoria Villarroel, have been by her part since 2015. In reality, she got her take effect at Jenner Communications for Kris Jenner from 2012 to 2014 before her marketing.

“Victoria wants to be an influencer in her own right and is focusing on that now,” a resource told US Weekly. “Kylie and Victoria are still friends and close. Kylie doesn’t have any bad feelings about Victoria going off to do her own thing and is supportive.”

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Inside Kylie Jenner’s individual associate responsibilities

Obviously, being Jenner’s assistant is a huge amount of work. It requires the boring such things as maintaining her considerable routine, happening coffee works, and ensuring the mogul’s life runs efficiently.

However, there are undoubtedly benefits too. Villarroel has-been capable celebration with Jenner, attend A-list events, travel on lush holiday, and clearly snag a huge amount of Kylie Beauty services and products along with other enjoyable things. The influencer once described doing work for Stormi’s mother as, “work, but it’s fun.” 

Clearly Villarroel is incredibly reliable. She ended up being probably one of many just individuals who understood about Jenner’s pregnancy with Stormi, and she never ever informed a soul. There might have already been an NDA involved as well.

This ‘s the reason Kylie Jenner’s individual assistant quit

Being in Jenner’s individual group and getting her friend assisted to elevate Villarroel’s profile. She’s amassed almost 1 million supporters on Instagram alone which has furnished her with possibilities to make cash that she performedn’t have prior to.

Villarroel is currently in a position to make up of  $10,000 per post — and although we’re sure Jenner compensated her really, this is certainly simple cash. It’s additionally because of the window of opportunity for the previous associate to keep in Jenner’s inner-circle without that uncomfortable company, worker commitment.

One for the items that the Kylie Beauty mogul values inside her life many at this time is her friendships. “Kylie keeps those in her intimate circle very close,” an insider to US Weekly. “Kylie’s friends support her by being faithful and trustworthy. Her family and closest friends have definitely been there to support her though everything and her great family life and booming business is amazing right now.”

It’s great to understand that Jenner doesn’t have concern along with her friends branching down and performing unique thing.

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