The Real Reason Twitter Suspended 1 User For Their Baby Yoda Posts Is No Longer a Mystery

by Jeremy Spirogis
Twitter logo shown on a phone screen

How a lot of a sensation has Baby Yoda change into? So a lot in order that even a Twitter parody account about him is making nationwide information. 

The Twitter parody account in query is @BabyYodaBaby, which posts numerous footage of the little inexperienced tyke doing or saying cute issues, sometimes in trademark backward Yoda syntax, it does. Recently, nonetheless, Twitter selected to droop the favored account for causes that had been unclear.

Twitter logo shown on a phone screen
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What is BabyYodaBaby about?

Ever since The Mandalorian revealed Baby Yoda to the world on the finish of episode 1, he has change into extra well-loved than the hotly anticipated The Rise of Skywalker, which got here out December 20 to a blended reception. With the exception of some unfavourable souls, folks love Baby Yoda, or a minimum of discover him a humorous diversion from the ills of the world, or on the very least, the toxicity of Twitter. 

He debuted on November 17 with the tweet, “Baby I am. Yes.”

Since then, the account has tweeted a number of occasions most days with cute sayings designed to make followers reply “eeeeee.”

It’s not simply cute footage and sayings, nonetheless. There are intelligent parodies inside the parody. 

For occasion, greater than as soon as, Baby Yoda has thrown shade at Gizmo from the 1984 film Gremlins, and he additionally mentioned, “I am Baby Groot not.” He has even appeared in a parody of the basic Nirvana album cowl for Nevermind, though the image is cautious to not characteristic Baby Yoda in very particular anatomical element. 

Why was Baby Yoda suspended on Twitter?

Then, swiftly, the celebration got here to a screeching halt. And this time it wasn’t a speeder bike stormtrooper smacking him on the pinnacle. Twitter suspended on the ominous date of Friday the 13th, shortly  earlier than The Mandalorian concluded. 

The causes for this weren’t instantly clear. As a Screen Rant article wrote, ” It’s puzzling as to why this account was reported within the first place. Looking by the account’s most up-to-date tweets, all of them appear fairly innocent.”

The account was ultimately reinstated with a tweet saying “Back I am.” 

An Esquire profile defined, “Twitter emailed Baby Yoda and mentioned he had overlapping accounts—that means he was selling himself and doing obvious no-nos like retweeting @BabyYodaBaby from the @BadFatherHanSolo account.

“Oops. As BabyYodaBaby would probably say: Twitter policies. A baby knows not these things.”

Who is BabyYodaBaby?

Exactly why this can be a drawback was not fully clear, however the answer was easy: hold one account and delete the others. And that’s simply what Baby Yoda did. Esquire discovered the account holder, and whereas their article doesn’t use the particular person’s actual identify, it does reveal he’s a highschool steering counselor. 

And the story solely will get extra fascinating as a result of BabyYodaBaby had additionally been a author on the sitcom Spin City when Charlie Sheen starred within the present. Showbiz didn’t work out, so he went again to high school and began the Baby Yoda account as type of a lark. He’s even topical, riffing off of Sunday night time’s Golden Globe awards.

Now he has greater than 200,000 followers, together with such notable names as Lin-Manuel Miranda. And he’s made an actual impression past posting cute memes. He bought spotlighted by Good Morning America, amongst different retailers.

“I got something from a girl who wrote about how her grandfather’s dying. And she continues to show my tweets to her family, and they get such joy out of it,” BabyYodaBaby advised Esquire. “And I’m like, ‘Holy s—.’ In no way did I think I’d be affecting people… It became this thing that is really heartfelt. And in no way did I know it was going to go there.”

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