The Reason for All the Open Floor Plans on HGTV Isn’t What You Think

by Jeremy Spirogis
Open concept home

Home trends come and get, but one that is stuck available for a little while now could be the massively popular open flooring program. This appearance, that involves mixing lifestyle, kitchen area, and dining places into one huge available room, features a great amount of followers and experts. Turn regarding the most recent bout of House Hunters or Property Brothers and you’ll undoubtedly notice home owners asking for an “open concept main floor.”

And almost every home
renovation show
regarding the system from Fixer Upper to Flip or Flop
functions reveal hosts slamming down walls anytime they’re remodeling older
houses. Are they carrying it out for the reason that it’s what everybody desires today, or perhaps is indeed there
various other explanation?

One journalist got towards the base of most those open flooring
programs and interestingly, the thinking is not exactly what anybody believed.

Open concept home
Open concept house | Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

People are receiving given
up with open idea homes

While open concept primary
flooring may appear great the theory is that — specifically for dozens of residents which
assert they require “room to entertain” — there are some downsides
to the style

First, it eliminates privacy in the primary liveable space. That means if the teens tend to be playing noisy video gaming within the family room, everybody in the home needs to hear it. And that fish you’re cooking? The scent will permeate the whole lifestyle location.

Plus, whenever one style becomes well-known, it’s bound to possess backlash. Open concept is just starting to come out of favor much more folks think new construction homes look also cookie-cutter comparable.

HGTV understands their particular market
really wants to see demolition

People watch HGTV for therefore
different factors — for comfort, for activity, for motivation. But
something HGTV executives understand is when they would you like to capture one demographic,
they must show sledgehammers going right on through wall space.

Living reported
that Ronda Kaysen, a New York Times reporter, phrased it
in this manner during a job interview with NPR: “I spoke with HGTV executives,” she
stated. “And the reason why that they’re therefore huge on available idea is really because it gets
a man people. Like, dudes love to view sledgehammers and, like, taking out fully

She proceeded, saying, “It’s for television.
It’s maybe not for, like, what’s the most effective passions of your home, necessarily.”

They’re looking to get
even more guys to look at HGTV

It may seem sexist, but
relating to Kaysen, male viewers need see old houses come to be available idea maybe not
since it’s much more practical, but simply because they need start to see the walls fall.

“Dudes will simply view HGTV if there’s
sledgehammers,” she told NPR. “This is the way you ensure you get your boyfriend to
remain to you regarding the settee watching it in the event that you have to watch Jonathan
Scott, like, hit straight down a wall.”

Is open idea truly much more useful?

Sledgehammer or perhaps not, the very fact stays that available concept primary
flooring will always be extraordinarily well-liked by homebuyers. Even those which don’t
show up on shows.

Some downsides of available idea houses feature not enough coziness, more aesthetic mess, trouble determining rooms, loudness, paid off storage area, much less partitions for showing art and pictures, among others. But folks however love the way the available idea design helps to ensure that everybody feels as though they’re area of the activity during functions and personal gatherings. Tearing down wall space can be a terrific way to make a small home look bigger.

They are stylish, but there’s a high probability available idea flooring
plans won’t vanish any time soon. Especially if HGTV has actually almost anything to do with

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