The role of Muslim scientists in Biology

by Jeremy Spirogis
The role of Muslim scientists in Biology

Kashif Chishti

Muslims have done valuable participation in scientific knowledge. Their work is seen in the West as well, here we will summarize the work of a few Muslim scientists who became the basis of Botany and Zoology.

Jabir bin Hayan

Jabir bin Haiyan was born in Iran and practiced as a doctor in Iraq. He was also considered the father of Chemistry. He also worked on animals and plants and wrote many books on them. Al-Nabatat and Al-Hewan are his famous books.

Abdul Malik Asmai
He also studied the animals in detail and authored several books by the name of Al-Abal alkhail, Al-Wohush and the Creator of Man.

Bo Ali Sena
This scientist called Avesina in the West is considered a medical expert. He was also a doctor and philosopher. Astronomy also has a great contribution by Bo Ali Sena. His book on legal status in the West is Al-Qanoon fil Tib.

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