The Singer John Lennon Said Was As Important as Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan Combined

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Singer John Lennon Said Was As Important as Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan Combined

Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan had been unarguably two of a very powerful artists of their era — however somebody outshone them in John Lennon’s eyes. He most well-liked a distinct rock singer whose music is lesser-known. Interestingly, Dylan revealed his emotions about John in a music.

Bob Dylan | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

John Lennon on the artists he admired

In a 1970s interview with Rolling Stone, Jann S. Wenner requested which modern artists John admired in any medium. John stated as a result of he was an “ego-maniac” he solely assessed one other artist by way of whether or not he noticed them as a menace. What did he imply by that? He didn’t elaborate.

After that, John stated he admired an eclectic group of musicians, together with Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Frank Zappa. In addition, he praised the painters Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, and Marcel Duchamp. He then began discussing his spouse, Yoko Ono.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono sittingJohn Lennon and Yoko Ono sitting
John Lennon and Yoko Ono | Ann Limongello/Walt Disney Television through Getty Images

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Yoko Ono’s significance

“Yoko is as important to me as Paul and Dylan rolled into one,” John stated. “I don’t think she will get recognition until she’s dead. There’s me, and maybe I could count the people on one hand that have any conception of what she is or what her mind is like, or what her work means to this f*ckin’ idiotic generation. She has the hope that she might be recognized. If I can’t get recognized, and I’m doing it in a f*ckin’ clown’s costume, I’m doing it on the streets, you know, I don’t know what.”

Yoko definitely has followers, however she doesn’t get as a lot airplay as Paul or Dylan, nor was she ever as commercially profitable. Unlike Paul and Dylan, she’s not within the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. John predicted she’d be extra appreciated after her dying, so maybe she shall be accepted into the pantheon of nice rock stars sometime. 

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“Walking on Thin Ice” by Yoko Ono

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Paul McCartney — John Lennon’s ‘brother’

John stated Yoko was extra necessary than Paul as an artist, nevertheless, that doesn’t imply he disliked Paul. In an interview, John stated he beloved Paul like a brother. Furthermore, he stated he’d be prepared to do something for Paul.

What John Lennon stated about Bob Dylan – and vice versa

Wenner requested John if he thought of Dylan an incredible artist. “No,” John answered, “I see him as another poet, or as competition.” John downplayed any affect Dylan might have had on him. “You read my books that were written before I heard of Dylan or read Dylan or anybody, it’s the same. I didn’t come after Elvis [Presley] and Dylan, I’ve been around always.”

John saying Yoko mattered extra to him than Dylan is one factor, however saying Dylan wasn’t an incredible artist is one other. While John stated some dismissive issues about Dylan, Rolling Stone stories he cited Dylan as an affect earlier in his profession. 

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So what did Dylan consider John? Dylan’s album Tempest closes with a music known as “Roll On John” which is a heartfelt tribute to the deceased icon. The refrain is “Shine your light/Movin’ on/You burned so bright/Roll on, John.” Dylan clearly had a number of respect for John — even when John most well-liked Yoko’s music.

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