The Top Contenders for the MCU’s Next Big Bad

by Jeremy Spirogis
Marvel Studios MCU

As Thanos turns into the large dangerous villain of days passed by, questions in regards to the subsequent nice risk to humankind and the Avengers proceed to floor. While it should doubtless be fairly a while till a Thanos-caliber villain seems on the silver display, the Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to plant seeds early on, laying the correct basis for eventual entrances. So, when the subsequent baddie lastly seems, who’s in line? Based on narrative plausibility, insider info, and upcoming productions, three villains appear to be the highest contenders. 

Marvel Studios MCU
Marvel Studios | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

1. Kang the Conqueror 

While Owen Wilson’s function in Disney+’s Loki stays unconfirmed, latest stories counsel that he might enter the panorama as Kang the Conqueror. Marvel Insider Mikey Sutton claims that the character will seem in Loki earlier than transitioning into the better cinematic panorama. 

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The argument posits that the Avengers’ latest time-traveling endeavors have laid the inspiration for Kang’s entrance, as he’s the time-traveling evil mastermind within the comics. While the casting alternative could seem controversial, Sutton states that insiders needed simply that — somebody who may ship however accomplish that unexpectedly. 

2. Galactus 

Galactus is the oldest residing entity within the Universe. He is the devourer of worlds, and a risk to not be underestimated. As for his connection to the Marvel panorama, the character is launched in Fantastic Four Issue quantity 522. If Galactus is the subsequent huge dangerous, the MCU is planning a gradual boil. 

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First, The Fantastic Four should come onto the scene, and with the Silver Surfer offered as one in every of their first antagonists. Why? The Silver Surfer is Galactus’ herald, following Galactus’ orders merely to guard his household and planet. The Silver Surfer spends his time seek for planets that his grasp can devour. Galactus is smart, because the journey to his entrance would doubtless require a number of movies throughout a number of phases, in a formulaic vogue much like the Infinity Saga’s sequence.

3. Tie: Doctor Doom and Norman Osborn 

While the above two antagonists appear extra prone to tackle the “big bad” duty subsequent, Doctor Doom and Norman Osborn are additionally contenders. Doctor Doom is one more character tied to the Fantastic Four. So, when the household of explorers enter the panorama, he may simply comply with swimsuit. And, if the MCU chooses to go all the way in which along with his powers and skill, it could take greater than the household of 4 to take him down. 

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As for Norman Osborn, some time again, stories surfaced that the MCU was trying to forged a mysterious benefactor with bodily descriptions that steered Osborn. With a number of Spidey villains coming from the Sony Spider-Verse and the MCU, Osborn may come to steer the last word Sinister Six staff, and the pleasant neighborhood web-slinger would wish some assist defeating them. 

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