The Town: 9 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Ben Affleck's Movie

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Town: 9 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Ben Affleck's Movie

Ben Affleck Did Some Deep Research In Charlestown And With The FBI Before Making The Town

Similarly, Ben Affleck did his personal deep dive in Charlestown, MA, notably throughout pre-production. While Affleck grew up not-too-far from the town in Cambridge, he was comparatively unfamiliar with the tough inner-city surroundings of Charlestown. Feeling the necessity to make the film his personal, Affleck did a script rewrite and researched the realm and its historical past of crime closely. 

According to THR, this analysis course of included hitting the streets, speaking to residents, and even holding mass auditions. He additionally consulted with the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force in Boston, which gave him the inspiration for the movie’s AK-47-wielding crew of financial institution robbers. His analysis course of additionally included jail visits. From this copious intel, Affleck and Aaron Stockard, his co-writer, drafted a brand new model of the script in three weeks, strong with extra motion.

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