‘The Umbrella Academy’: Tom Hopper Shares the Thing That Helped Him Become Luther Hargreeves

by Jeremy Spirogis
Tom Hopper

Tom Hopper performs Luther Hargreeves, also called “Space Boy” or “Number One” in The Umbrella Academy. While Hopper is a proficient actor, he says there’s one factor specifically that has helped him turn out to be the fictional superhero created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. Find out what helps Hopper remodel into Luther.

Tom Hopper
Tom Hopper | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

Tom Hopper was searching for a task exterior of the Game of Thrones and Black Sails realm

When Hopper was auditioning for The Umbrella Academy, he was searching for one thing that wasn’t within the type of “Dungeons and Dragons.” He didn’t need to do a interval piece. Instead, Hopper was searching for a task that might problem him, as he defined to Tribute Movies. 

More particularly, he was searching for one thing that didn’t require an elaborate costume, like the apparel he donned in Game of Thrones or Black Sails

Luther’s look is sort of concerned — he’s a hybrid someplace between man and primate. Ironically, Hopper loves enjoying the half, no matter how elaborate the costume is likely to be. 

Creating Luther Hargreeves requires a strong basis 

Fortunately for Hopper, he was already midway to reaching the huge construct required to play Luther Hargreeves. 

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“Tom Hopper is already huge, and then they put a prosthetic on him,” creator Gerard Way advised The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought that was a big risk, and I thought that was awesome.” Showrunners used prosthetics on Hopper to reinforce his already-built physique. 

Executive producer Steve Blackman defined: “We did all this research, and we gave [Tom] these extra muscles and bones that only apes would have.” 

Thanks to a stellar costume, Hopper was capable of deliver the comedian e book hero to life. 

Tom Hopper’s bodysuit helps him turn out to be Luther Hargreeves 

“I love superheroes,” Hopper admitted to Tribute Movies. He was searching for a personality exterior of the medieval instances, however one with simply as a lot depth. He feels Luther, together with the opposite Hargreeves siblings, are a few of today’s most intricate superheroes. 

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“The biggest thing was trying to learn how to be Luther in this suit,” he stated. “[The suit] actually ended up making me feel even better because it made me feel who Luther really was. He was awkward in this body — he doesn’t want to be in this body.” 

Thanks to the discomfort of his bodysuit, Hopper was capable of faucet into his character. Initially, Hopper felt awkward maneuvering round within the huge costume, which made his portrayal of Luther Hargreeves all of the extra real looking. 

Getting into Luther Hargreeves’ bodysuit takes ‘two minutes’ based on Tom Hopper

Mentally channeling Luther would possibly require a bit extra effort for Hopper, however as for bodily trying like Number One — effectively, that’s easy. 

The muscle swimsuit took two minutes to placed on — “you zip into it,” Hopper defined to SYFY WIRE. 

When it involves the shirtless scenes — those that require the full-on, hairy-ape look — these take a bit longer to arrange for. 

“[Getting ready for those scenes] was a bit more elaborate and laborious as well,” Hopper stated. “They stick it all on me and paint it.” 

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