The US military helicopter crashed

by Jeremy Spirogis
The US military helicopter crashed

Minnesota ( – December 7, 2019 – AFP) Three soldiers have been killed in a black Hawk helicopter crash in the US state of Minnesota.

According to details, during the test flight, the helicopter had lost contact with the air control just before the accident. The officials said that the incident took place at around 2pm according to local time and that all three soldiers in the helicopter were killed.

The Black Hawk helicopter’s debris dropped off in the open and it took two hours to find it. The authorities weren’t sure about the cause of the crash, but an investigation launched.

The search was launched after the helicopter was disconnected, air control officials said. According to the traffic scanner authorities, mobile phones of the helicopter riders were also traced to determine the correct location.

According to the US Meteorological Department, the location of the accident was 10 miles clear. According to the officials helicopter flew at 1: 55pm local time and the accident occurred at 2: 15pm, but it took a long time to find the debris.

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