These 4 yogas ought to be carried out by girls each day

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Sit on the bottom in Vajrasana posture. Breathing in, take each arms straight above the top. Do not combine palms collectively. Exhale and lean ahead. As lengthy because the palms don’t follow the bottom. Place the top on the bottom as pictured. Take an extended breath in consolation and depart. Stay on this posture for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. <! –

                 This reduces leg fats. Relieves shoulder and again ache. Do not do being pregnant, knee damage.

Margery seat
Sitting in Vajrasana posture, bend ahead. Both palms and knees ought to be on the bottom and a 90 diploma angle ought to be made between the knees from the hip and the palms from the shoulders. The waist ought to be straight.
In this state, breathe slowly. Keep the neck up and down and exhale slowly. Do not exceed 2-Three minutes at first. Spinal wire robust, relaxes in again ache. Do not do asanas in case you have neck damage.
Antithesis posture
Lie straight on the bottom in your again. Raise each legs as much as 45 levels. After this, elevate the hips up whereas supporting the waist with arms. Move the legs as much as 90 levels. Both elbows relaxation on the bottom and help the waist with arms. Stay on this posture for 30-60 seconds. Breathe in consolation. It is helpful in arthritis, digestive issues, headache, low blood strain, insomnia, migraine. Cataract sufferers, don’t use throughout menstruation.
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Stand in Tadasana posture. Bend the proper leg and relaxation the claw on the thigh a part of the left leg. The heel is up and the paws are in the direction of the bottom. Stand on the left foot balancing. Raise each arms up, and be a part of each the palms above the top within the salutation posture. Focus your consideration on sustaining the stability of the physique. Stay on this posture for 30-60 seconds. Strengthens thighs and backbone. Do it with the recommendation of a pregnant physician.

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