Thieves absconded with jewelery and money including floor papers

by Jeremy Spirogis
India's cleanest city for 4th consecutive time

Recently, a brand new situation of criminal activity has arrived away from Dankour town of Greater Noida. In this instance, a 70-year-old senior girl was killed after taking. According to your development, your family gave the problem of murder to your authorities following the theft due to battling among by themselves.

According into the development, the thieves fled with jewelery and money combined with floor papers therefore the authorities, just who achieved the location, have begun the examination by processing an instance on the basis of the problem associated with the sufferers.

In this case, your family people state that there clearly was a dispute concerning the story with a few folks from their particular town (Rakesh, Umesh, Jitendra, Kailash, Mohit). In this instance, it really is alleged they’ve done this event. <! –

                 According to your development got, "This whole event is from Dankour town. In a house right here, a lonely girl ended up being resting through the night, once the thieves smashed the screen cup and joined the woman's house and exposed the cabinet and took out of the floor papers and jewellery from this.

Before the thieves went away, an elderly girl resting close by woke up. On witnessing the thieves, the girl opposed all of them, however they would not want to be ended because of the girl plus they strangled the girl. "In this situation, the victim's family claims that there’s a dispute over their particular land, this is exactly why They have actually completed the murder event following the theft.

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