This 1 Villanelle Kill Went Too Far For Jodie Comer on ‘Killing Eve’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in Season 1, Episode 3 in Berlin,

Villanelle is an murderer who’s not solely good at her job, but additionally will get an actual kick out of it. The extra theatrical the homicide, the higher. And it’s probably the greatest elements of Killing Eve. But is there one kill that went too far? For Jodie Comer, there actually is. 

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in Season 1, Episode 3 in Berlin, 'Killing Eve.'
Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in Season 1, Episode three in Berlin, ‘Killing Eve’ | BBC AMERICA/Sid Gentle Films Ltd 2018

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Villanelle’s first main kill in entrance of Eve was just a bit too harsh for Jodie Comer

Villanelle’s first kill on digicam takes place in Italy and includes a poisoned hairpin. In that second, the viewers’s favourite murderer will get a kind of launch from that homicide; there’s no regret and she or he clearly loved herself. She didn’t care that his grandson was hiding within the toilet or that his family and friends had been simply flooring under. And that’s a theme that viewers can see all through the sequence. 

It’s actually not till Season three when Villanelle kills her mom that regret begins to creep into her in any other case psychopathic demeanor. And Comer is all the time rooting for the Russian murderer she portrays, as she advised Gold Derby in 2018. But Episode three of the primary season carried the more severe kill. 

“I think the one time that I had in the series where I was like, ‘Villanelle…’ was when she killed Bill,” Comer stated. “I remember when I was seeing that played back when we finished filming, I remember being like, ‘Whoa, that was… that was not very nice.’”

Bill adopted Villanelle right into a nightclub in Berlin and it was suspenseful past perception. Villanelle deliberate the brutal stabbing in order that Eve may see her greatest friend die in entrance of her. But may do something to cease it as there have been tons of individuals in the best way.

When talking to Vulture in 2018 across the identical time, Comer defined a bit extra of what went into that scene. 

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We really shot in a membership in London. It ended up being like choreography — folks should be at a sure place at a sure time when the digicam comes by. It was sensible, however I didn’t understand how sinister that truly was. I used to be like, ‘Whoa, Villanelle! Did you have to kill Bill? Did you have to go and do that?’ It acquired me a bit of bit. With that shot, with the smile, it was simply so sensible!

Comer lets her feelings information Villanelle’s facial expressions post-kill

After watching only one episode of Killing Eve, it’s very evident simply how a lot of Comer’s efficiency elevates the affect Villanelle has on audiences. Without Comer, it’s exhausting to see this murderer pulling folks in as simply. Like, who anticipated to root for an murderer? Well, Villanelle actually makes you. 

Comer advised Vulture that the “delighted expression” Villanelle has after most of her kills isn’t on function. 

“I always see her as an animal with its prize,” Comer defined, then describing the same cat vs. mouse dynamic for Villanelle and her “prey.” “But I try not to think about what my face is doing too much. I really just focus on the emotions. It was so important for people to fear her, even if she does have a quick humor and personality.”

Comer stated that it was essential to make Villanelle really feel harmful, which provides to the impact. And she undoubtedly succeeds on that entrance. 

Despite all of it, although, Comer does see humanity in Villanelle

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Even although Villanelle is a killer who enacts actually harsh and brutal deaths on a variety of her victims, Comer nonetheless sees humanity in her, which is completely different from a variety of assassins on TV.

“She goes against all stereotypes and I thought there was a lot of humanity in Villanelle,” Comer advised the Build Series in 2018. “I feel like when I watch assassin movies or TV programs, they’re like superhuman. They’re like some sort of mythical creature that you can’t really relate to. Whereas I found a lot of humanity in her, in [her] humor.”

And Comer factors out that Villanelle is unusually relatable. Aside from the jet setting and homicide, after all. 

“Stuff where she flicks the ice cream on the girl, I was like. We’ve all been in situations where we may have thought to do something but never acted upon it,” Comer stated. “She has no moral compass. There was so much fun in her and I thought it was unique and I’ve never seen it.”

And that good mixture of intrigue, relatability, and menace is what retains audiences coming again.

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