This Celebrity Chef Is Set To Serve A New Series on HBO Max

by Jeremy Spirogis
This Celebrity Chef Is Set To Serve A New Series on HBO Max

Cooking programs and tournaments nevertheless draw large rankings. From Masterchef to The Chef Show, culinary-themed programs generate huge viewers on system, cable, and online streaming systems.

HBO Max simply announced its starting a brand new show featuring this world-renowned star cook.

Chefs Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Gordon Ramsay | Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit

Food equals fame

Culinary icons like Gordon Ramsay have actually switched their particular jobs as cooks into broadcasting empires. Ramsay has actually a complete profile of tv shows which has had boosted their brand name to the huge hundreds of thousands, all along with their Michelin-starred restaurants.

Rachael Ray has actually taken her obtainable “I’m a cook, not a chef” image and parlayed it into an entire lifestyle brand name. From her syndicated talk tv show to her namesake mag, the tv screen character is certainly one of today’s most well-known faces.

Ramsay and Ray basically two types of the competitive cooking area. Food Network hosts a suite of programs headlined by cooks that have become bona fide celebs, including Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, Ina Garten, and Ree Drummond.

HBO is getting back in regarding the online game with a cook that has been a cooking symbol for a long time.

Cue the catering

Renowned for generating the magnificent smorgasbords when it comes to Oscars, cook Wolfgang Puck is currently providing as executive producer regarding the HBO Max series The Event. According to Variety, the eight-episode tv show centers on Puck’s catering business, which supplies on-location good dining for activities nationwide.

Trailing people in Puck’s culinary group throughout each one-hour event, the tv show is targeted on the entire process of going far beyond objectives for high-profile activities including the Academy Awards and also the 10,000 visitor Adobe MaxBash.

“We are really excited to share a behind the scenes look at planning our most creative and complicated events with HBO Max subscribers,” Puck stated.

“Wolfgang is one of the most accomplished chefs of our time and for decades has been the go-to restaurateur and caterer for the biggest names and events in Hollywood and across the country,” HBO Max chief content officer Kevin Reilly stated. “This series will usher viewers into a world of opulence and luxury and showcase the unpredictable challenges he and his team encounter while executing the biggest and most exclusive A-list events we all wish we were invited to.”

Building a brand

According to CNN, Puck expanded up in Austria and started preparing as a young child. After working their means through restaurants in Europe, Puck relocated to America at 24. In 1982, he launched the renowned restaurant Spago and became among the first cooks to make a name for “California Cuisine,” including revolutionary selection items which infused healthier components.

The celebrity cook puts an advanced on imagination, focusing the necessity to constantly start fresh tips. “If you were to ask me today, who do I want? A chef who’s really creative or a chef who just executes? Obviously, to me creativity is the most important thing,” he informed Forbes in 2018. “It’s about having creative people in charge.”

Puck feels that playing it safe may cause shut doorways. The culinary symbol is definitely trying to drive the envelope. “If you want to be successful without taking any risk, it might be very difficult. I took the risk,” he stated. “It’s not because we’re successful today that we’re going to be successful tomorrow… The restaurants that don’t change, go to the cemetery.”

An environment day for The Event have not however already been introduced.

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