This is how Deepanita and Abhishek's breakup happened

by Patricia Lin
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The pair of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai is one of the most beautiful roots in Bollywood. Talking about Aishwarya Rai's lovestory, everyone knows that their relationship was from Salman Khan to Vivek Oberoi but have you ever heard of Abhishek's affair. Do you know that before Aishwarya, Abhishek was dating someone else. <! –

                 Yes, it is said that for Aishwarya, Abhishek had sidelined this girl with his heart. We are talking about model- actress Deepanita Sharma.

Sonali Bendre made Abhishek and Deepanita's friendship
It is said that Deepanita is a supermodel and actress. In 1998, Deepanita came in the limelight after making the top 5 in Miss India competition. Apart from this, he is a close friend of Sonali Bendre and through Sonali Bendre, Abhishek and Deepanita were befriended.

Abhishek had initiated the relationship

According to the information, Abhishek was behind Deepanita. To talk to him, Abhishek continued to call Deepanita for almost two months and pleaded to meet her. He relied on the simplicity, honesty and beauty of Deepanita. However, Deepanita, who belongs to the family of a freedom fighter from Assam, did not want to date any member of the film industry. But later she fell in love with Abhishek.
Abhishek was advised to keep the relationship away from the media
Deepanita's relationship with Abhishek lasted only about 10 months. Because Abhishek always wanted to keep the relationship with Deepanita away from the eyes of the media. Whenever anyone asked questions about this, they refused. Due to this, Deepanita also started feeling that Abhishek was cheating on her.

This is how Deepanita and Abhishek's breakup happened

According to the information, Deepanita was planning Abhishek's birthday. He also mentioned this with Abhishek. But Abhishek refuses to celebrate his birthday with him saying that he is busy shooting and his father's health is also not good. Later, Abhishek gave a birthday party at his bungalow, in which Aishwarya Rai became a special guest. The special thing is that Deepanita was not even invited to this party. Referring to an actor who reached this party of Abhishek on an English website, he said that Deepanita herself had told him that she was not invited to the party.
Bipasha Basu gave a warning to Deepanita
It is said that actress Bipasha Basu, who was a roommate of Deepanita during her modeling days. He had already told Deepanita that Abhishek is cheating you, he likes Aishwarya.

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