This is more of a danger for those who do not live with family

by Patricia Lin
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Today, every kind of job is full of challenge. Whether it is office or fieldwork, it has become a necessity to keep working continuously without looking at the clock, but it has many serious disadvantages in terms of health. A recent study has found that people who do long jobs sitting in the office are more likely to have high blood pressure or hypertension. <! –

                 The special thing is that this is such a condition of hypertension, which is not known and when this disease comes, it is too late by then. Therefore, it has been suggested that those who spend hours in office should get their health checked periodically.

This study has been published in detail in the medical journal 'Hypertension'. According to this, half the population of 18 or older in the US is suffering from this disease. Due to this condition, heart related diseases occur and every year in America, 82,000 people have to die. (About 2.5 lakh people die from this disease in India every year.) According to the study, working 49 or more hours a week is likely to be harmful. Such people are 70 percent more likely to have hypertension. Symptoms of hypertension are usually not seen here.

At the same time, among those who work 41 to 48 hours every week, the probability of this disease is slightly less, i.e. 54 percent. Only 42 percent of such workers are victims of high blood pressure. The study covered many aspects related to working people. For example – what kind of job is there, how much stress is there, how many hours to work, field work or meeting work in the office, whether the employee smokes or not, what is his BMI, etc.

The danger is more if you are away from home
This risk of hypertension is more in those who do not live with family. This is not only a job but also applies to those who are away from family for studies. These people are careless about health. This is the reason that earlier hypertension was considered to be a disease of the age of 45+, but now the youth of the age of 30 are also becoming victims of it.

How to avoid hypertension
A healthy lifestyle is the best way to avoid hypertension. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Do not sit in one place for long in the office. Keep getting up frequently. Try to keep practicing hands and legs and neck while sitting in a chair. If you are not able to remain physically active, then lighten the food intake completely. Use the stairs instead of the lift in the office. If possible, discuss standing in the meeting room. Keep checking regularly. Stay away from stress Pass with the family at least one day a week. Keep adopting homely ways to avoid hypertension. If there is a slight possibility, see a doctor.

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