This may be the huge reason for the guy and lady getting "bisexual"

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Do you know that a guy is known as "bisexual" as he is interested in both women and men psychologically or actually. Or he wants to possess a relationship with both males and females. Being bisexual is an ordinary frame of mind's desires and behavior. It just isn’t an illness or infectious infection. <! –

                 It remains unidentified the reason why somebody is bisexual.

Why a person is bisexual: Nothing was understood precisely concerning the reasoned explanations why a guy is homosexual and bisexual, many analysis implies that "sexual orientation" is brought on by particular biological aspects before delivery. The it’s likely partly determined.

Sexual positioning just isn’t an alternative, nor could it be altered. The intimate positioning of a guy can not be altered by any treatment, therapy or any other strategy. Additionally, you simply cannot transform a guy into a bisexual.

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