This is essentially the most distinctive village in India, the place the kitchen of individuals's properties is in India, there’s bed room in Myanmar

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Have you heard of a village the place the kitchens of individuals's properties are in a single nation and their bed room out of the country. Hardly have you ever ever heard of this and also you suppose that there can’t be such a village, however you may be shocked to know that there’s a village in India the place the kitchens of the folks of India fall in India and their bed room falls in Myanmar.

Longwa village in Mon district of Nagaland is a village in India, half of which falls in India and the opposite half in Myanmar. These villages are located within the dense forests of Mon district and are inhabited by Konyak tribals, who’re thought of very harmful.

The distinctive factor about Longwa is that the residents of the village have twin citizenship – one from India and the opposite from Myanmar. <! –

There are roughly twenty-seven Konyak villages in the direction of Myanmar. This village is 42 km from the city of Mon. Another fascinating truth about this village is that the Indo-Myanmar border passes by way of this village, which divides the headman's home into two components, one in India and the opposite half in Myanmar.

The head of Longwa village can also be known as Angha and Angha is the pinnacle of many villages who’re allowed to have a couple of wives. The head of Longwa village has 60 wives and he guidelines over 70 villages. The border of India and Myanmar passes by way of the center of the home of the pinnacle of the village of Longwa.

Not solely this, the situation of many homes within the village is such that the kitchen of their home falls in India however they go to Myanmar to sleep as a result of the bed room falls in Myanmar. Not solely this, many youth of this village are in Myanmar military.

The Konyak tribals residing in Longwa village are thought of very harmful. It is claimed that these folks typically used to occupy the neighboring village as a way to seize the clan's energy and the village. Before 1940, these folks used to chop off the heads of their opponents to occupy their clan after which they stored the skulls. Konyak tribals are also called head hunters.

However, it’s believed that since 1969, the pinnacle searching incident didn’t happen within the village of those tribals. The principal folks of the tribe nonetheless have brass cranium necklaces at dwelling that are symbols that present that they’ve beheaded throughout the combat. It can also be mentioned that the fundamental perception behind slicing the pinnacle was that the pinnacle's fertility can enhance the fertility of the crop.

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