‘This Is Us’: Milo Ventimiglia Says Jack Is Hard to Live Up to — But He’s Up for the Challenge

by Jeremy Spirogis
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As any This Is Us fan will let you know, Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) is among the biggest dads in tv historical past. Of course, the fourth season hinted the character is probably not the epitome of perfection he was all the time made out to be. He is human, in spite of everything. Nevertheless, there’s no denying Jack was not solely a very good father, but additionally a very good man. Then not too long ago, Ventimiglia opened up about residing as much as Jack on This Is Us. And though the actor admits it’s tough, he’s prepared to go the space.

Milo Ventimiglia discusses Jack’s perfection on ‘This Is Us’

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack on 'This Is Us' - Season 4
Milo Ventimiglia as Jack on ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal by way of Getty Images by way of Getty Images

In the May 7 episode of the LA Times podcast, Can’t Stop Watching, the host revealed Kyle Chandler — who performed Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights — joking stated his character’s perfection was a “pain in the a**” at instances. And it appears Ventimiglia can relate in terms of matching Jack’s perfection on This Is Us.

“I think it might have been the end of season 2 and I was sitting around. [Creator Dan Fogelman] and I were just talking and I said, ‘You know, Jack is really difficult to live up to, man,’” Ventimiglia stated. “And he is. That’s the real truth.”

He additionally defined why This Is Us followers care so deeply for his character. “There is this mystical, reverent love for Jack. And I think a lot of it is because we only had him for a short period of time,” the 42-year-old stated. “Knowing who he was and how he really was and the love he had for his family —  for his wife, for his kids, the dedication he had to them — creates this hero, this superhero … You just want to admire him.”

Ventimiglia then admitted it may be tough being in comparison with Jack. “Being the actor who plays that guy is tough sometimes because I think I’m held to an equal standard,” he stated. 

That stated, Ventimiglia doesn’t essentially assume it’s a foul factor. “I don’t mind it because that is a good reminder to me of the upbringing that my mom and dad gave me, which is lead with love,” he stated. “Be a good person. Do your best. You’re going to make mistakes. But you have to, have to, have to try let that golden heart come through in the end. You gotta do it. You gotta do it.”

Ventimiglia added, “So I don’t mind, I’m up for the challenge.”

Milo Ventimiglia opens up about working with children on ‘This Is Us’

Now it seems Ventimiglia resides as much as Jack’s legacy simply superb. Still talking with the Can’t Stop Watching podcast, the actor shared what it was like working with children. He acknowledged it was a ‘blessing and a curse.” But in the end, Ventimiglia acknowledged the very actual function he has within the lives of his co-stars.

“Here’s the thing, I play father to these kids, but I’m not their dad,” he stated. “But I also want them to know that, ‘Hey, if you need anything you can call me.’ It’s just a tough, tough thing .. You’re working with someone that is asked to be an adult for whatever amount of time they’re on a set. For eight hours a day. And that’s tough.”

Ventimiglia continued: “When you’re a kid, I mean, these are monumental relationships. You know, friendships that you’re building and then all the sudden jobs over. They get taken away. I try to — with any of the kids that I’ve worked with — be just like, ‘Hey kid, I’m around. The rest of your life, I’m around. You need advice, you need anything, you need a meal, you need a hug? Whatever you need. I’m here for you.’”

The actor additionally defined he does this as a result of he didn’t have anybody to do the identical when he was of their place. “I didn’t have anyone on my coming up as an actor that I could really rely on,” Ventimiglia stated. “So for me, I think I always want to offer that to the kids that I work with and let them know that, ‘Hey I care about you. I want you to do the best work that you can. My job here is to make sure you’re better.’”

It could also be onerous for Ventimiglia to match Jack’s perfection, however the This Is Us star already appears to have a number of issues in widespread along with his on-screen alter ego. And in fact, we all know it’s not possible to count on people to be like fictional characters. But fairly frankly, there’s nothing incorrect with elevating the bar just a bit.

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