‘This Is Us’: This New Heartbreaking Theory Regarding Rebecca’s Memory Loss Will Have You Rewatching Every Episode Since the Show Began

by Jeremy Spirogis
Mandy Moore

This is Us is approximately to go back from a tremendously lengthy midseason break, and followers are set because of it. The midseason finale left audiences with a dreadful sensation regarding Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) deteriorating problem.

We are going to learn just what is being conducted with all the matriarch of TV’s preferred household. Let’s take a good look at the newest heartbreaking concept that followers have actually after rewatching the final three . 5 months.

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Mandy Moore shows that Rebecca doesn’t have Alzheimer’s Disease on ‘This Is Us’

Right today, many followers genuinely believe that the beloved mom on This Is Us ultimately ends up with Alzheimer’s Disease or alzhiemer’s disease. However, Moore debunked that concept on March 25, 2019.

“My reaction was, ‘Oh, Rebecca,’” Moore informed Glamour how she believed about her character’s condition. “Dan Fogelman is a genius. I was like, ‘Yeah. OK. I see that. I believe that. I understand that. Yep.’”

“I love how people are sleuths,” she carried on in connection with fan concept that Rebecca features Alzheimer’s. “I love that! That’s a good theory. Not true, but I like it.”

Rebecca usually forgets things regarding the tv show and recently destroyed her phone many times, so it’s an easy task to believe that she’s alzhiemer’s disease. However, given that we have been nearly four months into this show, we realize that things should never be whatever they appear.

What did fans observe about Rebecca if they rewatched the tv show right from the start?

After returning to period 1 of This Is Us, followers attended up with a brand new concept about the matriarch’s ailment.

“I’m on the ‘Pilgrim Rick’ episode, and Rebecca asks Kevin ‘Hey, what’s the name of your play again?’” writes one lover on Reddit. “To which Kevin replies, ‘You serious? I told you like eight times.’ Do you think this could’ve been a foreshadow of what’s to come?”

Viewers believe there are many indications of forgetfulness from Rebecca returning to as soon as the huge three had been young kids.

“Also, there was the scene of Rebecca and Jack in the kitchen and him talking about how he had a meeting in Doylestown,” included another Redditor. “She was surprised to hear that he had gotten the Doylestown account, and he said he had mentioned it to her a few times already. Her response was, ‘I would have thought I would have remembered that.’”

What might all this forgetfulness indicate is incorrect with Rebecca?

“Also, remember when she went to the hospital for her dizzy spells,” included another audience. “The one where Jack took her to his favorite tree. There are lots of little clues to something being wrong with her brain.”

Some signs and symptoms of a mind tumefaction when you look at the front lobe feature; character modifications, increased violence or discomfort, and vision/speech dilemmas, based on the National Brain Tumor Society.

Throughout the initial half period 4, Rebecca became cranky alot more rapidly. She additionally exhibited various hallucinations, so her signs do fit those of a frontal lobe mind tumefaction.

“As your tumor grows, it can press on surrounding tissue, affecting the function controlled by that part of the brain,” according into the book. Forgetting terms and temporary loss of memory tend to be related to a brain tumefaction when you look at the temporal lobe.

These two elements of the mind tend to be correct next to one another, therefore Rebecca could have a mind tumefaction in the center of the 2 lobes this is certainly developing. It may be little whenever her young ones tend to be youthful then develop as she gets older.

Luckily, the promo for the following event does reveal that Rebecca receives test outcomes from a health care provider, therefore we will dsicover away quickly if this lover concept is proper. The midseason premiere of This Is Us is eventually right here on Tuesday at 9 p.m. Eastern on NBC.

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