This planet shouldn’t be answerable for dangerous incidents occurring with you repeatedly, know listed here are methods to right them

by Jeremy Spirogis
This planet is not responsible for bad incidents happening with you again and again, know here are ways to correct them

Sun and Moon are the most important answerable for the accident, after this Rahu, Mars and Saturn come. Jupiter, Venus and auspicious Mercury defend them from accidents. Today we inform you concerning the planets answerable for accidents and their makes use of.

Vehicle accidents happen as a result of Shani-Rahu or Shani-Mangal, the identical occurs within the half-and-a-half or dhayya, during which the lord of the lagna is weak, bodily injury happens, in case of loss of life, the particular person is prone to loss of life or not solely the automobile Heals hurt. <! –


These are the methods to keep away from them: If such a yoga is being shaped within the horoscope, Ram ought to learn the supply of protection, if he’s half previous seven or seven and browse the Bajrang Baan, if he’s getting killed, he ought to get Rudrabhisheka of Lord Shiva every time the journey begins. Meditate in your favourite and guru.

These planets are answerable for financial accidents: If Mercury is dangerous, the particular person is the sufferer of financial accidents, as a result of Mars, the particular person is totally drowned in money owed and if Rahu is influenced then the particular person turns into a star from the king.

Measures to keep away from them: If Mercury is dangerous then by no means put on emerald and all the time recite Vishnu Sahastranam, there’s a downside as a result of Mars, recite Hanuman Chalisa each day, abandon the consumption of meat Mandira and donate cash commonly.

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