This time, Gujhiya, fried with out oil, can also be nutritious, being tasty with out feeding the visitors on Holi

by Jeremy Spirogis
This time, Gujhiya, fried without oil, is also nutritious, being tasty without feeding the guests on Holi

In which you’re going to get a fantastic style of nuts and dry fruits, today we inform you in regards to the technique of baked gujiya.

Ingredients of Baked Gujhiya: For outer layer:

For Feeling:

Baked Gujiya Recipe : To make Gujiya, add maida salt and oil and water, combine it effectively, take 2 effectively knead and hold the dough collectively for 30 minutes. <! –


For rolling: Spread the doo belle and margarine within the center. To make an envelope, seal the cirocco. Rest for 10 minutes, roll it slowly and fold it like a e-book, then let the remaining roll as soon as once more and one Fold and relaxation like a e-book.

For Filling: Mix all of the elements effectively in a bowl. Put spoon filling in every spherical and form its Gujiya. Put all Gujiya in a baking tray and apply gentle milk on them for 230 diploma 25 minutes then take away your Gujiya is able to serve.

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