This woman did this staggering work

by Patricia Lin
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The recent crime issue has surprised everyone. In such a situation, the issue of crime which has come up recently is going to be shocking. In this issue Parveen alias Amreen Khan (50), a middle-aged woman from Naka Chandra Bandhani of Gwalior, had come to meet Daulatganj resident Om Prakash Rathore with her partner Sonu Sharma five months ago and Sonu and Omprakash are already familiar. <! –

                 At the same time, Sonu brought Parveen to introduce Omprakash and Parveen sought help from Omprakash to get him an auto rickshaw finance.

After that she said, "Her children will drive that auto rickshaw and gradually she will return the money." On Sonu's recommendation, Omprakash also assured help. "Then again Parveen started coming to Om Prakash's house again and again and one day Parveen came to Om Prakash and fed him some intoxicants on the pretext of a temple offering. Sometime later, Om Prakash fainted and took advantage of the opportunity, Parveen hugged Omprakash, wrapped him and Sonu Sharma took objectionable pictures of elderly Omprakash and middle-aged woman from mobile.

At the same time, after this, Om Prakash started blackmailing women and Sonu Sharma and demanded a demand of one million rupees, and on Monday, 16 December, Sonu and Parveen called Om Prakash to the Jairogya Hospital campus, then the demand was not fulfilled, demanding ten million Threatened to register issue of 376. Omprakash, already cautious, recorded the talks. In this issue, the police have started an investigation by registering blackmail and threats against the elderly woman and her partner Sonu Sharma.

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