‘Tiger King’: PETA Lawyer Defends Carole Baskin and Big Cat Rescue

by Jeremy Spirogis
Carole Baskin Big Cat Rescue PETA

Carole Baskin is enemy primary so far as Joseph Maldonado-Passage —higher referred to as Joe Exotic — is worriedThe Netflix docuseries  Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness centered on the feud between Baskin and Maldonado-Passage as an alternative of the true concern at hand — the well-being of massive cats. 

Brittany Peet, the lawyer for the PETA Foundation, defined a couple of issues that she claims the documentary collection ignored — together with the truth that Baskin is working a good operation.

Carole Baskin Big Cat Rescue PETA
Carole Baskin | Netflix

Carole Baskin slammed the ‘Tiger King’ docuseries 

After Netflix launched Tiger King, Baskin took to her weblog to make clear what she felt was misrepresented. Aside from being accused of murdering her husband, Don Lewis, Baskin was additionally accused of working an analogous operation to Maldonado-Passage. 

In her weblog post, Baskin refuted the documentary, saying it “had the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers.” Baskin believed documentary crews “did not care about [the] truth,” utilizing “unsavory lies” to realize traction with audiences. 

PETA stands by Big Cat Rescue 

Contrary to what Maldonado-Passage would have you ever imagine, Baskin has an honest operation at Big Cat Rescue, based on Peet. She spoke with The Hollywood Reporter concerning the “disheartening” means viewers have embraced the persona of Joe Exotic, pitting Baskin in opposition to him because the villain. “I do think Carole’s part of the story was exaggerated,” Peet mentioned, explaining how the dimensions of the cages at Big Cat Rescue was misrepresented within the collection. 

Having labored with Big Cat Rescue and the Baskins for a number of years, Peet known as them “tireless and compassionate advocates” for the massive cats residing in captivity. Peet went on to elucidate the accreditation Big Cat Rescue has acquired for being a good facility:

Their advocacy program is second to none. The care they supply animals is unimaginable. They’re accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, which is the gold customary accrediting physique for sanctuaries all over the world. They present the very best requirements for captive wildlife care, the most important minimal cage dimension, greatest enrichment requirements.

At first, many followers had been confused as a result of, on the floor, Big Cat Rescue and the G.W. Zoo appeared comparable. Unlike Maldonado-Passage’s zoo and most of the different operations proven in Tiger King, Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary the place animals usually are not bred, purchased, or offered. Another large distinction between sanctuaries like Big Cat Rescue and Joe Exotic’s zoo is that they don’t permit contact between guests and the animals.

“Anyone who walks away from this thinking there’s any similarity between the treatment of cats provided at Carole’s sanctuary Big Cat Rescue and G.W. Exotic, Joe and Jeff Lowe’s facility, are walking away with a huge misimpression,” Peet mentioned.

What ‘Tiger King’ didn’t present 

According to Peet, the Netflix docuseries ignored a big participant within the large cat area. Tim Stark, who operates Wildlife in Need in Indiana, was proven as Jeff Lowe’s business accomplice in Tiger King. “PETA has an Endangered Species Act lawsuit pending against Tim Stark and Wildlife in Need right now, so we know perhaps better than anyone just how much of a villain Stark is,” Peet mentioned. 

She described a number of the horrific issues Stark has executed to animals — together with beating a leopard to loss of life. While none of this was highlighted within the Netflix collection, Peet is conscious of the goings-on at Stark’s facility. In February, PETA celebrated Stark shedding his enchantment of a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) order revoking his license.

Moving ahead, Peet is hopeful that almost all viewers will see “past the train-wreck high quality of Tiger King” with an understanding that “these people are criminals, these people are abusing animals, and they are not good people.”

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