To overcome each disaster, do day by day chanting of those squares of misery.

by Jeremy Spirogis
To overcome every crisis, do daily chanting of these squares of distress.

Hanuman ji is taken into account to be the savior of all difficulties, all of the troubles are eradicated within the second as quickly as Hanuman ji is known as.

Bajrangbali is remembered by reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman Chalisa has such chaupaiyas whose chanting removes all of the difficulties of life. Today we inform you about these chaupis.

1 ghost vampire didn’t come close to |

Mahaveer Jab Naam Sunavee ||

This signifies that by chanting this Chopai 108 occasions a day, you’ll be able to do away with concern.

2 Giver of Ashta-Siddhi Navnidhi.

As Bar Deen Janaki Mata |

If you need to work the difficulties of your life, then chant this Chopi 108 occasions.

3 Nasse Disease Hare Sub Peera |

Japat Continuous Hanumat Bal Beera ||

By chanting this Chopai 108 occasions within the morning, you’re going to get rid of each illness and each ache.

4 Vidyavan Guni very intelligent |

Ramkaj Karibe's terror

Chanting this Chopai 108 occasions offers you wealth and self-discipline.

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