‘Today Show:’ Natalie Morales Talks About ‘Mom Guilt’ and Shares a Superpower She Earned After Having Kids

by Jeremy Spirogis
Natalie Morales attends the 70th Emmy Awards

Natalie Morales of the Today Show continues to report from each coasts for the NBC morning information program. Joining the present in 2006, Morales left her New York location in 2016 to turn into co-host of Access Hollywood whereas remaining on Today as their West Coast anchor and moved to Los Angeles together with her household.

Though she’s now not at Access Hollywood, Morales maintains a busy schedule as a Today correspondent whereas juggling her private life together with her husband and two children. The journalist has commented prior to now on the function of motherhood and among the surprises it brings.

Natalie Morales attends the 70th Emmy Awards
Natalie Morales of the “Today Show” | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Mom of two boys

Married to Joe Rhodes since 1998, the couple welcomed son Josh in 2004, and son Luke in 2008. That 12 months, she talked about eager to have one other child after her first son was born. “When I found out I was pregnant, it was the best news I’d gotten all year,” the Today star mentioned, based on People. “We had been trying for a long time. … Most people think you can just decide to have a child, but it just doesn’t work that way.”

Morales discovered she most popular the four-year age distinction between her sons, particularly for large brother Josh. “I think the age difference has actually worked to my benefit, because from day one Josh was so excited,” she mentioned, based on Heavy. “He always wants to kiss and hold the baby.”

Morales on ‘mom guilt’

When speaking to Today about parenting, Morales shared that like most moms, she struggled with guilt when it got here to parenting.

“If you aren’t spending each waking second occupied with, worrying about or with your children… you feel responsible,” she instructed Today.com in 2014. “You’re thinking, ‘instead of (getting this pedicure/solving world hunger/exercising), I’m supposed to be (picking up/playing with/spending time with my kids).’ And that’s always followed by thoughts of, ‘I am the worst mom ever.’”

Yet the NBC star additionally realizes the magic that mothers can work with the best of gestures. “A hug from mom can heal anything,” Morales shared. “Got a boo-boo; someone made fun of you at school; or you had a bad day? There’s nothing like cuddling with mom.”

Morales acknowledged that these hugs serve each events. “Even when you think you are the worst mom ever…the power of hugs works both ways,” she revealed. “The other day, I had a bad day and was a bit short tempered with the kids and even the dog. As I was putting the kids to bed they both gave me a big hug and said, ‘We love you mom, you’re the best mom ever.’ Bonus when the dog also kissed me.”

Superhero powers

The former Access Hollywood co-host additionally found that motherhood introduced her some spectacular abilities she didn’t possess earlier than having kids.

“Reflexes improve with mothering. Seriously,” Morales mentioned. “I can pick up a falling glass of milk before it even hits the table without a drop spilled and sometimes even before it’s even going down… it’s like I see it happening before it happens. It’s my superhero power. Take that Amazing Spider Man, you got nothing on this working mom of two.”

Though she was conscious of the feelings concerned in parenting, Morales admitted the bond between herself and her children is even stronger than she might have imagined.

“It’s a cliché, of course, but there is no greater love. Everyone tells you that from the moment you are pregnant,” she defined. “I believed them, however now I actually know what that love seems like. It’s actually this pulling and tugging sensation on the coronary heart.

While the information girl clearly loves her profession, Morales’ favourite function is on the house entrance because the mom to her boys. “I understand now why moms would do anything for their kids… anything and everything,” she shared. “There is no better job in the world than being a mom.”

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