‘Today Show’s’ Hoda Kotb Reveals How Fiancé Joel Schiffman Proposed

by Jeremy Spirogis
‘Today Show’s’ Hoda Kotb Reveals How Fiancé Joel Schiffman Proposed

Hoda Kotb of the Today Show is clearly within the prime of her life. Engaged to beau Joel Schiffman and having fun with her position as mother to their two daughters, Haley Joy and Hope Catherine, Kotb has achieved each skilled and private success.

The Today anchor lately spilled some particulars on how Schiffman popped the query and when they’re planning to tie the knot.

“Today Show’s” Hoda Kotb | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Started planning instantly

Kotb instantly acquired the ball rolling on marriage ceremony plans after Schiffman proposed in November. “I sort of think we probably want to do it sooner than later, because what are we waiting for? And I kind of think we might do a destination wedding,” Kotb shared in November, as reported by People. “We may go back to the place we were engaged. We haven’t thought about it too much, but we might do something like that. The place is special to us.”

The Today anchor was aiming for simplicity for her big day. “Nothing we do is about bells and whistles in that way,” Kotb mentioned. “All I want it to be is fun and happy and I just want everybody to feel easy breezy. No coordinated bridesmaids. Come as you are. That’s the theme of the rest of my life.”

Still holding it easy

Kotb stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week and spoke of her upcoming nuptials. Aiming for a fall marriage ceremony, she is seemingly holding with the low-key theme.

“I think it’s going to be super simple, no big deal, we’ll bring some friends, we’ll probably be on a beach somewhere,” she instructed DeGeneres, in response to People. “And I can’t believe how different I feel since that moment. I thought we were in love and love is love, so what? But I did feel different the minute he proposed.”

The journalist shared that her mother is selecting out her costume for the large occasion. “It was so funny, cause she’s picked everything for me, and she said, ‘Honey, I don’t know, do you want me to pick your wedding dress?’” Kotb mentioned of her mother on E!’s Pop of the Morning. “And I said, ‘Well, you picked the first one, so yes, please pick the second one!’” Kotb mentioned laughing, referring to her former marriage to tennis professional Burzis Kanga.

While Kotb continues to be foregoing bridesmaids, she’s having somebody particular rise up together with her. “Just my sister,” she mentioned. 

The proposal

Kotb gave DeGeneres some particulars on how her boyfriend of six years popped the query.

“One day we were at the beach, and we were hanging out, and we had tequila and churros. I mean, I was like, fingers into the churro sauce, and Joel started to give one of his — he likes to give little speeches about love,” she shared with DeGeneres. “So he’s like, ‘I’d like to say something.’ And he started talking and I was looking at him and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is going somewhere.’”

The Today co-host described the second Schiffman acquired into proposal place. “He literally kicked the seat out from under him and dropped down on one knee,” Kotb recalled. “I didn’t know I could be shocked [like that]. And I actually didn’t know could love him more, but I did, in that moment. And I’ve felt different ever since.”

Now 55, Kotb realizes that the most effective issues in life typically come later. “Isn’t it so crazy how your life, like, throws everything at you in different ways?” Kotb mentioned on Pop of the Morning. “I was gonna say, at age 49, that was the year I met Joel, when I was 49 years old. I feel like everything in my life, every good thing, has happened since.”

Congratulations to the joyful couple!

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