Tom Hanks Was So Broke He Had to Get Rent Money From His Producers — ‘I Haven’t Done Any Work, But Pay Me a Few Thousand Bucks’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is among the most profitable actors within the leisure trade today, having starred in dozens of nice movies. His sustained success has offered him monumental wealth and a way of life that many may solely dream of.

However, there was a time when this was not the case. In truth, early in his profession, Hanks was so broke that he needed to ask his producers for cash. 

Tom Hanks needed to funds his cash earlier in his profession

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks | MARK RALSTON/AFP by way of Getty Images

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When Hanks was simply getting began within the leisure trade, he needed to be strategic about how he spent his cash. To higher handle his funds, he got here up with a intelligent trick for saving cash whereas residing in New York City.

“When we were down to living on a serious budget, though, it was time to go do like a week of grocery shopping, we’d kind of like imagine, ‘Okay, … we have $45 here, … what can we do for $45?’” Hanks advised Graham Bensinger. “And any time we bought something, I rounded up the cost, you know, and it never failed to make me feel good, because we’d have a week’s worth of groceries, and I’d still have—you know, I’d get like 3 bucks back. …”

Tom Hanks’ unemployment test was rejected

While Hanks was residing in New York City, cash was tight. He was barely scraping by, and was receiving unemployment from Ohio whereas he figured issues out. Unfortunately, on one event his financial institution didn’t assume his test was reliable and tried to make him wait to money it. 

“I had sold the car and a few things, and I had a bankroll and put the deposits down on a pretty dark and dingy apartment …” Hanks mentioned. “So I was waiting for my first unemployment check to come in, and so I was going from having $25 in the bank to having close to $500 in the bank. … And I wanted to draw some money off of that in order to buy groceries, and they insisted on waiting for the check to clear. … I’m not a contentious guy, but I did cause a stink. I said, ‘Look, I got a kid who needs groceries, this check is from the state of Ohio! It’s good!’ …”

The financial institution supervisor ultimately relented and allowed Hanks to write down a $50 test that he may money on the spot. 

Even although Hanks had a mini-meltdown at that second, issues would ultimately come full circle. Years later, after the super success of Forrest Gump, the financial institution ended up being transformed right into a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

“The bigger thing about that, … that bank, that space on the second floor of that building right now, was converted into a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company … so there you go, there’s cruel fate, odd fate right there.”

Tom Hanks moved to LA to shoot ‘Bosom Buddies’

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After touchdown his position within the 1980 sitcom Bosom Buddies, Hanks determined to sublet his residence and transfer to Los Angeles. However, he shortly fell right into a monetary gap as a result of he was unable to pay for residences in each cities. 

“We had made the pilot for Bosom Buddies, Peter Scalari and I, the present obtained bought, I left and we tried to sublet our residence in New York. And we went to Los Angeles with the understanding that we have been going to enter manufacturing … however the actor’s strike of 1980 got here alongside and shut that down. And I ran out of funds. I couldn’t afford hire in each LA and New York. …”

Tom Hanks was so broke he needed to borrow cash from his producers

Realizing he was working out of money quick, Hanks determined to inform his producers he’d have to go away Tinseltown and return to his residence in New York City. Luckily, he was capable of keep in LA and proceed working as a result of his producers gave him an advance to cowl his payments. 

“So I informed the producers … and I said ‘Look, I’m sorry, I don’t wanna screw things up, but I have to go back to New York because of the strike, and they said, ‘Well, why didn’t you ask us for an advance?’ That’s allowed? I wouldn’t know how to do that. ‘Hey, I haven’t done any work, you guys, but pay me a few thousand bucks. And they said, ‘Of course we’d do that for you. …’ That was Tom Miller and Bob Boyett. Their kindness and largesse made it possible for me and my family to be secure in Los Angeles. And to this day, if I ever run into Bob, I always get down on one knee and I kiss his hand in thanks. …”

Today, Hanks’ monetary scenario is totally totally different. Thanks to blockbuster films corresponding to Toy Story, Cast Away, and Forrest Gump, Hanks’ web price presently sits at roughly $350 million. 

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