‘Top Chef’s’ Joe Sasto Shares How Cooking With Cannabis Is a Delicious Experience

by Jeremy Spirogis
Joe Sasto

Chef Joe Sasto from Bravo’s Top Chef isn’t an enormous fan of cannabis-laced brownies. But the culinary knowledgeable with the signature handlebar mustache desires to alter the notion of cooking with hashish along with his personal strategy to creating a powerful meal with a aspect of glow.

Joe Sasto
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He shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet that cooks who wish to cook dinner with hashish really want to do their analysis. He additionally admits he doesn’t just like the style of weed. “It’s the plant matter itself that you’re tasting,” he explains. “And I think it’s completely off-putting. That’s why I don’t like going the route of butters or infusions or anything like that because it’s often overpowering. And you lose the true nature of the meal and that’s the food and the vegetables and everything that you’re making.”

Sasto added that cooks additionally have to be particularly cautious as a result of the quantity of hashish that gives a soothing and open expertise for one particular person may imply bother for another person. “It’s plagued the cannabis industry for decades and the idea of edibles and everyone having that terrible experience where they forget how to breathe for four days because they overdosed on brownies.”

Sasto strives for a meal with a glow

He acknowledges that the incorrect dosage might be the downfall of a meal with hashish. “So what I started doing when I was first doing this was going on the micro-dosing route,” he explains. Sasto estimates he makes use of between one to 2 milligrams per particular person, per course.

“Kind of starting on the higher end for the first couple courses, maybe with a mocktail infused with CBD and then really tapering it off at the end of the meal with the idea that you’re not really getting high or baked,” he says. Instead, you’re “using the cannabis to enhance the dining experience where it’s still first and foremost about the food and then the cannabis really elevates that.”

He likens the expertise to having a number of glasses of wine with dinner. “So not where you’d be taking shots all night long or getting really, really high and stoned by the end of the meal.”

As a result, Sasto provides that he’s shifted towards utilizing the terpenes naturally present in hashish. “Going with terpene pairings rather than wine pairings,” he says. “And then when you unlock that door, it opens up a whole new color palette to be painting with.”

His meals are actually a culinary expertise

Sasto says utilizing terpenes gives complementary flavors and tastes to reinforce the meals. “So with the hashes, you are tasting the terpenes which is completely different,” he describes. “Terpenes are naturally found aromatic and volatile flavor compounds. Like citrus has them. Any lemon or lime has maybe 10 to 20 different kinds of terpenes. That gives it those smells and aromas that you attribute to lemon or lime.”

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“And then if you look at any strain of cannabis [it has] anywhere from 100 to 200 different terpenes,” Sasto shares. “If you look at terpenes like flavors, like lime oil, lemon oil, orange oil, you’re kind of dealing with this whole new product with a whole new series of flavors.”

Sasto’s meals focus closely on pasta dishes. Depending on the meal, he’ll do as much as six completely different pasta dishes. “Each one, progressively building on the next,” he says. “Some seafood focus, some vegetable focus, going into a heavier meat ragu to something maybe light and buttery. And then using the different strains and the different hashes to pair, balance, and contrast off of all those different dishes much like you would an alcoholic paring.”

Sasto depends on California-based licensed hashish cultivator, Autumn Brands to assist deliver his meals to life. He appreciates the product as a result of it’s clear and pesticide-free, which permits him to create an expertise “so Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart could sit next to each other and both have a great time.” Sasto plans to host pop up dinners within the coming months.

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