‘Unsolved Mysteries’: Netflix Fans May Be Helping Solve Cold Cases With 3 Huge Clues

by Jeremy Spirogis
‘Unsolved Mysteries’: Netflix Fans May Be Helping Solve Cold Cases With 3 Huge Clues

It didn’t take lengthy for the reboot of the basic true-crime sequence Unsolved Mysteries to achieve primary on Netflix. Even a long time after the unique model with host Robert Stack, individuals are nonetheless simply as obsessive about turning into armchair detectives with real-life chilly circumstances.

The unique Unsolved Mysteries ran from 1987 to 1997
and over that point, the general public helped remedy hundreds
of cases
. Now within the age of streaming, Netflix followers are hoping to do the
similar. Producers say viewers have already submitted shut to 2 dozen “credible
suggestions,” Indie
reported, and that’s not counting the very believable theories floating
round on Reddit.

'Unsolved Mysteries' on Netflix
‘Unsolved Mysteries’ on Netflix | Netflix

A Belvedere worker might know the place Rey Rivera jumped

The first episode of the brand new Unsolved Mysteries tells the story of Rey Rivera, a person who was both murdered or jumped from someplace within the neighborhood of the Belvedere Hotel in downtown Baltimore. His physique was found in a convention room, making it appear to be demise by suicide. But lots of the particulars don’t add up. Plus, investigators can’t work out the place Rivera jumped from or how nobody within the lodge noticed him.

An alleged former lodge worker shared their connection to
the case on the Unsolved Mysteries Reddit

They mentioned, “I worked at the Belvedere during all of this. I walked by the pool room (old church) numerous times while he laid in there. One thing the series left out was the long hallway that you would walk down to get to the pool room. If you came off the elevator on the second floor and made a right you would go through a door. About a quarter of the way down, on the left, was the room where Rey was found. At the end of the hallway was one (of several) building entrances to the parking garage connected to the Belvedere (not the garage shown on the show). Anyone could have entered the hallway leading to the pool room from the garage. I honestly don’t remember there being a camera in that hallway.”

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And there’s extra. They continued, “Another thought: A friend who lived in the Belvedere [at] the time said the condo association was supposed to hold a meeting with residents about what happened. They claimed that the meeting was abruptly canceled and never rescheduled (even though the promise was made it would be).”

Fans urge investigators to look in Patrice Endres’s husband,

Police eradicated Robert Endres as a suspect for the homicide of his spouse, Patrice, primarily based on a timeline he may show. But followers can’t recover from his creepy demeanor and unfair therapy of Patrice’s son Pistol after her disappearance.

The former hairdresser disappeared from her salon someday within the 13 minutes between two telephone calls whereas she was at work. Multiple witnesses noticed a wierd automobile parked in entrance of the salon plus seen Patrice’s automobile was moved from its common spot. Her stays had been found a couple of miles away nearly two years later.

The day after Patrice went lacking, her
husband Robert
modified all of the locks in his residence and wouldn’t enable Pistol,
a highschool pupil, again in the home to get his private belongings. Also,
he refused to let Pistol have his mom’s ashes.

Fans imagine Robert’s actions in the course of the episode, together with how he hung out together with his deceased spouse’s bones earlier than cremation and speculated on how an individual may transfer Patrice’s physique with a wheelbarrow, may implicate him in her homicide.  

Alonzo’s pals know greater than what they’re saying on ‘No
Ride Home’

There’s little doubt that somebody on the celebration murdered Alonzo Brooks, however the query of “how” has made Redditors satisfied that his group of pals might have set him up.

They carry up the apparent query: how may individuals who had been allegedly shut with Brooks abandon him at a celebration, hours away from residence? They assume it might be a setup.

One Redditor
wrote: “There are a ton of issues that don’t add up. This smells like a
setup homicide.”

They proceed, “The police want to have a look at the sketchy
white pals and begin urgent them for solutions since they’ve some fairly
good holes of their story.”

If you’ve got any data on any of the Unsolved Mysteries circumstances, go to unsolved.com to submit a clue.

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