US President Donald Trump mentioned that if Iran tried to avenge the loss of life of its commander Qasim Sulemani….

by Jeremy Spirogis
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US President Donald Trump has mentioned that he has chosen 52 locations in Iran. He mentioned that if Iran tries to avenge the loss of life of its commander Qasim Sulemani, then we’ll destroy and destroy these targets. Trump ordered to kill Sulaimani.

Trump mentioned on Twitter on Saturday that it ought to be understood as a warning. <! –

                 If Iran assaults any American man or property, then we’ll assault 52 Iran bases. Some of those are vital locations for Iran. This assault can be a really lethal assault on the tradition of Iran.

He mentioned that in the course of the disaster in 1979, 52 US diplomats and civilians had been taken hostage in Tehran, after which the strategic relationship between the 2 nations turned very severe.

Trump feels that Iran is talking outright about focusing on US particular property after the killing of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, vice-chairman of the Sulaimani and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force in Bagdad.

However, the President mentioned on Friday that he had ordered the killing of Sulaimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, 'to not begin the warfare however to cease it'.

According to the Trump administration, the aim of Sulaimani's homicide was to stop additional assaults. This assault would have endangered the lives of US army and diplomats within the Middle East. In the Middle East, 60 to 70 thousand troopers of America are stationed. Trump has as soon as once more held Sulaimani answerable for the loss of life of a US contractor killed in a December 27 assault on a army camp in Iraq.

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