‘Vanderpump Rules’: Brett Caprioni Discusses the Special Bond He Has With Lisa Vanderpump

by Jeremy Spirogis
Brett Caprioni from

Brett Caprioni from Vanderpump Rules says that he’s cast a candy and maternal bond together with his boss Lisa Vanderpump.

Brett Caprioni from 'Vanderpump Rules'
Brett Caprioni |Chris Haston/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank by way of Getty Images

As a brand new solid member, Caprioni met and commenced working for Vanderpump earlier than he was thought of for the present. He mirrored on the affect Vanderpump has had on him throughout the journey and the way she actually cares in regards to the individuals who work for her.

Caprioni additionally dished about his preliminary expertise visiting Vanderpump’s grand residence, Villa Rosa. Viewers have seen the luxurious entrance, flanked by swans, who greeted Caprioni with a hiss.

Lisa Vanderpump definitely instructions a room

Viewers already know that Vanderpump has a commanding presence. But Caprioni describes what it was like when he initially met her. He first related with Vanderpump by a friend who did private coaching. During their assembly, he admitted he was acquainted with her however didn’t know a lot about her Bravo exhibits.

“We just talked and chatted,” he remembers on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “What I noticed about Lisa is she commands your attention, and kind of runs the room, like a CEO would or someone really important. It was an important feeling.”

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He additionally related along with her on knowledgeable degree and left the assembly feeling optimistic in regards to the interplay.

He says Vanderpump genuinely cares in regards to the individuals she works with

Caprioni says Vanderpump is somebody who genuinely cares in regards to the individuals in her life. “Just like Lisa does, she wants to know about [you], like she cares about the people she talks to,” he shares. “That’s something I learned quickly is she quickly acted like she gave a sh*t and really wanted to listen to what I was saying.”

“And that’s just a testament to the person she is,” he provides. Caprioni says Vanderpump opened up about her well being and health targets to assist him design a private coaching program to assist her really feel her finest.

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She then joked about having him come to her home to coach her. He says he sometimes doesn’t make housecalls. But he had gear in his automobile and steered they get began at her house. After just a few coaching periods, Vanderpump Rules and Caprioni’s profession grew to become a subject of dialogue. “She shows that she gives a sh*t which I respect about her a lot,” he says. Several discussions additionally led to a part-time job at SUR, which later landed him a task on Vanderpump Rules.

Caprioni says he was late for his first assembly at Villa Rosa

Caprioni didn’t know what to anticipate when he first visited Vanderpump at house. But he scrambled as a result of he was working a couple of minutes late. Unfortunately he couldn’t name Vanderpump as a result of he misplaced cell service. “I was stuck at the gate,” he remembers.

“There’s like three gates to get in,” he exclaims. “So when you pull up to Lisa’s house, not only do you lose service, because it’s up on a f**king Mount Everest, it’s like three miles up on a mountain.” He jokes how his automobile expended extra gas as a result of it required a lot extra power to chug up the hill to Vanderpump’s house.

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He remembers the preliminary assembly was early within the morning, however he was late and couldn’t keep in mind who he was calling on the gate. “Like I didn’t know who was going to pick up. Was it going to be her? Was it going to be her husband?” Caprioni says. He was involved about waking Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd too.

He additionally shares his first assembly with ‘Hanky’ and ‘Panky’

Once he lastly made it previous the gates, he additionally remembers “meeting” Vanderpump’s swans, Hanky and Panky. “I remember it was a sh*tty day and it was actually raining. And it was very grey out. I’m like, ‘There’s a pond outside, this is crazy.’ And then all of a sudden I hear this hissing … and I’m like what the f**k is that? I look over and it’s a f**king swan. And it’s like walking over to me, and he looked pissed. And the other one was chilling.”

“But I realized sooner than later that they’re just the guards,” he says. “You know, the doormen of the house. We got familiar really quickly. The hissing became normal, just like them saying hello to me.” He’s additionally gotten to see and work together with a few of Vanderpump’s different animals. too. “It’s a beautiful place,” he remarks.

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