‘Vanderpump Rules’: Is the Show Fake? Fans Think This 1 Clue Proves That It Is

by Jeremy Spirogis
Vanderpump Rules

When it comes down to truth programs, you are able to almost never tell simply how much regarding the program is genuine and exactly how much is done by manufacturers for optimum drama. Fans have actually questioned the legitimacy regarding the circumstances on Vanderpump Rules for many years. The level of crisis that takes place amongst the castmates only appears a little far-fetched.

Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules | David Becker/Getty Images for JBL

Though we’ve never ever had evidence in past times regarding the program modifying storylines or manufacturers feeding the cast outlines, a recent error that somehow made it into an event features followers phoning Bravo out.

What occurred regarding the event?

On the Jan. 14 event of this program, followers noticed some variations in Ariana Madix’s look during a discussion with Lisa Vanderpump.

One second, Madix had a quick slice plus in the second, her tresses ended up being very long. Her makeup products additionally drastically altered from min to moment. When Madix’s hair ended up being brief, she rocked a smoky attention and intense lash, while whenever she had long-hair, her makeup products ended up being a lot more all-natural.

“Did anyone else catch Ariana’s hair growing 3 inches over the course of her conversation with LVP?” an Instagram fan account noticed.“Come on Bravo editors….you can do better!”

Another lover remarked that even scene ended up being various.

“Omg and the people in the background are different!! lol” they commented on Instagram.

“Cut! redo! Come back in about 4 months and we’ll reshoot!” another person joked.

“Definitely a scripted show,” one fan surmised.

Is the show scripted?

While scenes like this make it tough to think that Vanderpump Rules is not scripted, the cast happens to be quite constant through the years inside their statements that the tales portrayed regarding the program tend to be genuine.

 “It’s pretty not-scripted,” Katie Maloney Schwartz told Galore in 2016. “You see, our connections tend to be genuine. We all have actually our record. There tend to be plenty of programs available to you being sort of [cast] in manners where individuals don’t have sort of record prior. But it is additionally difficult when creating a show, while they can’t show every little thing, and additionally they don’t show everything that is positive however they surely reveal every thing that is bad, and therefore can color individuals in some lights that aren’t real to create, however it is still genuine.”

And Jax Taylor seconded that sentiment whenever InTouch requested him about a number of the arguments he’d had together with spouse Brittany Cartwright.

“I pride myself on [the fact that] we now have a proper program and I’m maybe not going to stay here and sugarcoat things,” he told the socket. “With cameras there or not, this is how I am. Do I regret some things? Yeah, of course. I wish I didn’t talk to Brittany the way I did, and I kind of mistreated her a little bit. I kind of caught myself off-guard and the way I spoke to her was uncalled for. But that’s just real life, though. It’s real. Just because there are cameras I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to do this and act like this.’ That’s just not how our show works. I think that’s why our show works so well — because we are a real show.”

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