Vastu Shastra: According to the week sensible, any of these items introduced at residence, Lakshmi herself will come and go to you.

by Jeremy Spirogis
Vastu Shastra: According to the week wise, any of these things brought at home, Lakshmi herself will come and visit you.

There are seven days in every week. And all of the seven days are associated to some God. In such a scenario, if a selected merchandise of associated coloration is introduced residence in keeping with the conflict, then many advantages could be discovered. Even after making an attempt rather a lot, if you’re not getting success in your work or the work goes to worsen, then carry residence one in all these items in keeping with the conflict, you’ll undoubtedly get all of your issues.

  1. Sunday: – Sunday is the day of Suryadev, on this present day, pink, golden and orange coloration have particular significance. On Sunday, carry any merchandise of which one in all these colours and place it within the kids's room.
  2. Monday: – Monday is the day of Shiva. Therefore, white coloration is taken into account auspicious on this present day. If there’s a steady failure in some work, then put a white coloured idol within the corridor of the home on Monday.
  3. Tuesday: – It is Hanuman ji's day. The particular coloration of this present day is orange or purple. It is taken into account very auspicious if any present of purple or orange is placed on a chunk of purple or orange in the home temple on Tuesday.
  4. Wednesday: – Wednesday is the day of Lord Ganesha. Ganeshji loves Durva probably the most. Therefore, on this present day, inexperienced coloration is most vital. Bring an image of inexperienced on Wednesday and set up it close to or in entrance of the maingate of the home.
  5. Thursday: – Thursday is the day of Jupiter Dev. On this present day, yellow coloration is essential. On this present day, place any yellow merchandise anyplace within the kitchen of the home, it’s thought of good for development.
  6. Friday: – Friday is the day of the Goddess. Therefore, this present day is a mixture of all colours or printed garments. On this present day, maintain a particular pink and colourful floral print material or within the temple of Chunri Ghar.
  7. Saturday: – Blue or black coloration is particular for this present day devoted to Lord Shani. This coloration is of the ups and downs of the thoughts. On Saturday, maintain an image or present of blue or black coloration across the stairs.

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