[VIDEO] Karan Johar's child boy Yash calls coronavirus disaster 'very unhealthy'; fights COVID-19 in his personal manner

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Karan Johar shares son Yash’s video amid COVID-19 lockdown& 

Even when the entire world is falling aside, the kids can take pleasure in moments of bliss with out a care on the planet. And on the subject of star children, the moments usually discover their technique to the web to depart everybody smiling and leaving them in awe of the little ones. Sometimes, the celebrities themselves share particular images and movies on the web, different occasions, fan golf equipment get their arms on them; however regardless of how, the moments do floor on the web once in a while.

This time, it is a video of Karan Johar’s child boy, Yash, that won’t solely make you smile however will even make all dad and mom go “Oh so relatable!

The Bollywood filmmaker-producer took to social media on Friday and shared a video of Yash enjoying in his room. In the video, Karan is seen asking his baby in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Sharing that he has now been knowledgeable about it, Karan asks him if he has something to say on it. To which, Yash adorably says, “It’s very bad…”

Soon after, Karan asks him as to what he’s doing in regards to the COVID-19 scenario, and Yash, with out a care on the planet, thinks for just a few seconds and says, “ummm… ummmm… playing.”

Karan then concludes the video saying, “You are playing? That’s what you are doing to fight the coronavirus? Well, I suppose everyone has their own ways.”

While the video is simply too lovable, it is also too relatable for the dad and mom all throughout who’re struggling to maintain their children entertained amid the lockdown. The filmmaker captioned the video, “Everyone fighting it in their own way…Yash doing his own thing to fight it…”

Here, try the video of Karan Johar’s son, Yash:


Meanwhile, celebrities are additionally spreading consciousness in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic on their respective social media handles. 

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