Viewers are very happy to see Karthik and Naira reunite on this show

by Patricia Lin
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The show Yeh Rishta Kya called Star Plus is very popular among the audience. The TRP of this show is very good. Viewers are very happy about the reunion of Karthik and Naira in this show. Preparations have also started between the discussions of the two getting married once again. But now it is believed that both of them may not get married. <! –


According to a report, both of them cannot get married because Vedika is not ready to give a divorce. Viewers were very happy with Vedika's decision to divorce, but now the show is undergoing some changes.

According to the report, Naira is suffering from kidney problems and has been admitted to the hospital. The doctor has spoken to him for a kidney transplant. Vedika has decided to give kidney to Naira. To save Naira, Vedika has spoken to Karthik that she will give kidney on one condition only. It will be a condition that Karthik will not divorce them.

Now it is clear from the condition of Vedika that Karthik and Naira are going to separate once again. During the show, Naira will feel that Karthik is not marrying her because of Vedika. But due to this condition of Vedika, Naira will get away from Karthik.

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