Multan: Violent students torture a teacher

by Jeremy Spirogis

Multan (Sahiwal Tv – November 24, 2019 – Shahriar) A video has been revealed on social media where some corrupt youth can be seen beating a professor with rods and shoes. It is from Multan and the affected person is a teacher.

The video shows how some youngsters tortured a teacher riding a motorcycle with sticks, shoes and rods. The victim repeatedly pleads saying, ‘I am a teacher’ but their hearts are not shattered and they continue to torture the professor.

Sharing the video on his Twitter account, Dr Farhan Virk, a social media activist for PTI, wrote: “This is our young generation who is torturing college teachers, expose all these people, this video is from Multan, They should be arrested immediately. We are asking Punjab Police for help in this matter, all faces are recognizable in the video. ‘

Commenting on the video, a user, Mohammad Yousaf Laghari, revealed that “It is Professor Ijaz Sahib of City College Chungi No 9 who is being subjected to violence by some youths, we need your help in identifying these youths.”

According to sources, a few days ago the boys were harassing the female students at the Students’ Function, Prof. Ijaz stopped them at which perverted youths stopped the professor in Bukhari Colony and tortured him. These students are recognized as the workers of MSF. Professor Ijaz teaches economics at a private college. An FIR has been registered against the students.

Fir has been registered against students in Multan


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