Virat Kohli agrees to behave in his personal biopic provided that it stars Anushka Sharma

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Virat agrees to star in his personal biopic with Anushka&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

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Key Highlights

  • Virat Kohli has lastly commented on that includes in his personal biopic
  • However, he has one particular situation and it includes Anushka Sharma
  • The actor spoke about it whereas interacting with cricketer Sunil Chhetri

Filmmakers must rapidly take a be aware of Virat Kohli’s latest revelation. The Indian skipper did an Instagram reside final night with footballer Sunil Chhetri. That’s when he went on to make this touch upon that includes in his personal biopic, if ever it will get made. He mentioned it in response to Sunil Chhetri’s spouse Sonam’s query in the course of the Insta-chat. As quickly as Sunil talked about that his spouse desires to know if ever he will probably be open to starring in his personal biopic,  Virat affirmatively replied saying he will certainly star in his personal biopic supplied his spouse Anushka Sharma too options in it. 

“With Anushka I will definitely do the biopic myself. But let me clear up this misunderstanding that I can act. I can play football also, will you let me play in ISL?” Virat requested Chettri. And the footballer had no response however simply laughed it off and nodded with a no to Virat’s counter-question.

Virat nevertheless additional elaborated stating, “I can, however, act in my own biopic because I can essay my own role quite well. I hope. If anyone else plays the role better than me then bilkul hi nitthala aadmi hu mai. (Am quite useless). That’s what am trying to say. People have this misunderstanding that I can act. But when you have done so many that you just need to go from point A to point B and anyone can learn to do that. Acting is an art. Am not an artiste. Am a professional cricketer.”

In this identical interplay, Virat additionally credited Anushka for serving to him evolve so amazingly as an individual. He feels that Anushka is chargeable for making him ‘compassionate’ and a ‘form man.’


Virat and Anushka are at present quarantining at their Mumbai residence as all the nation stays beneath lockdown until May 31.

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