Wendy Williams Was Offered a Spot In This Hip-Hop Group

by Jeremy Spirogis
Wendy Williams

Long before Wendy Williams became the queen of daytime tv, she had a reputation as a no-nonsense radio personality. Williams built her job away from retiring star development and giving her natural and truthful viewpoint on things activity, regardless of how blunt. 

Wendy Williams
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Williams’ infamous radio-style arrived her in hot-water with everybody from Whitney Houston to Diddy. But only as numerous feuds as she’s already been component of, many would acknowledge that Williams is a champion of metropolitan songs, especially hiphop, whenever no body else ended up being. So much to ensure that she ended up being when provided an area within the celebrated rap team, Salt-N-Pepa.

Wendy Williams had been provided an area in Salt-N-Pepa as DJ Spinderella

While the team became well-known for the rhymes of Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton, a 3rd user, additionally played a vital role. LaToya Hanson, aka DJ Spinderella, ended up being the group’s popular disk jockey.

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Tensions rose early because of the three, also before their particular very first record was launched. The duo dropped the initial Hanson, with Salt saying that she ended up being tough to make use of. Salt alleged that she’d missed a few rehearsals and team appearances. It ended up being reported nonetheless that Hanson ended up being actually kicked from the team because she has also been witnessing Salt’s boyfriend at that time, Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor, who had been the team’s producer.

Salt-N-Pepa started earnestly looking an upgraded. Before auditioning the DJ who does end up being the brand-new Spinderella, the team provided the location to Williams, who had been an up and coming radio personality. 

Williams detailed to be had the part on a 2012 event of The Wendy Williams Show. 

“I was 21 years old…I was a DJ in Washington, D.C.,” she started. “They stumbled on city and additionally they stumbled on the younger girl’s reveal from the place [Williams’]. Salt, Pepa, and Hurby discussed myself. Hurby stumbled on myself after and stated, ‘Me and the girls was talking and we wanted to know if you wanted to be our DJ.’”

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Williams stated regardless of the significant chance, she handed down the part to check out her fantasy in order to become a radio and tv number. It paid! 

Who ended up being the initial DJ Spinderella replacement?

After Williams declined the part, 16-year-old Deidra Muriel Roper ended up being introduced to Azor only ahead of the team had been due appearing in the Westchester Music Festival in 1986. She auditioned and made her place within the team. Because of her age, Ropers’ moms and dads had to offer authorization on her traveling all over nation.

Salt-n-Pepa 1989 | Michael Putland/Getty Images

The trio would carry on to become the most effective m hip-hop functions of them all. With Roper, they circulated five studio records, all of these had a few platinum and silver singles. Spinderella created a few tracks in the group’s albums. The group disbanded in 2002 as a result of historical problems between Salt and Pepa before reforming in 2007.

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During the team’s hiatus, Roper worked as a radio character in the now-defunct KKBT 100.3 in Los Angeles, California for 36 months. She ended up being a co-host on The BackSpin, a nationally syndicated regular radio tv show featuring old-school hip-hop. She additionally showed up in the group’s VH1 reality series. 

The team toured as “Salt-N-Pepa featuring Spinderella” once they reconciled. Soon, Roper ended up being seen less much less. In May 2019, she launched her departure through the team via Instagram, alleging she was indeed fired. “In January 2019 I received a ‘termination’ email from #SaltnPepa excluding me from performances with the group,” the declaration read in part. 

Roper has become embattled in case over her so-called shooting together with her previous group people. 

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