What Are Paul McCartney’s Views on Religion & Mysticism?

by Jeremy Spirogis
What Are Paul McCartney’s Views on Religion & Mysticism?

Through song, John Lennon attacked Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. George Harrison’s music made it clear he had been a devout Hindu. Paul McCartney, having said that, would not make their religious philosophy (or shortage thereof) an important element of their art. This increases the concern: What will be the previous Beatles’ religious views?

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The spiritual motifs of ‘Eleanor Rigby’

If you pay attention to among the Beatles’ many popular compositions, “Eleanor Rigby,” you’ll notice there’s some passing references to Christianity. One associated with the passages mentions a priest known as Father McKenzie which provides a sermon no-one hears. In the song, Paul sings “No one was saved.”

The song might be translated as a lament on the not enough religiosity in modern Britain. At the lowest, the song’s melancholy music tends to make Father McKenzie, the ineffectual priest, look like a tragic and sympathetic personality. However, Paul doesn’t have numerous good items to state about faith.

When the Beatles all had similar spiritual views

Paul McCartney and also the various other Beatles on Top Of The Pops | Chris Walter

Paul indicated agnosticism during their times with all the Fab Four. Michael R. Frontani’s The Beatles: Image plus the Media records a job interview with all the Beatles from the February 1965 problem of Playboy:

McCartney: “We probably seem antireligious because of the fact that none of us believe in God.”

Lennon: “If you say you don’t believe in God, everybody assumes you’re antireligious, and you probably think that’s what we mean by that. We’re not quite sure ‘what’ we are, but I know that we’re more agnostic than atheistic.”

Playboy: “Are you speaking for the group, or just for yourself?”

Lennon: “For the group.”

Harrison: “John’s our official religious spokesman.”

McCartney: “We all feel roughly the same. We’re all agnostics.”

Lennon: “Most people are, anyway.”

McCartney: “In America, they’re fanatical about God. I know somebody over there who said he was an atheist. The papers nearly refused to print it because it was such shocking news that somebody could actually be an atheist … yeah … and admit it.”

Starr: “He speaks for all of us.”

What are Paul McCartney’s spiritual views today?

Paul McCartney with host Jimmy Fallon in 2013 | Lloyd Bishop/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Does Paul hold true to those views? Paul discussed faith once more in 2012. When The Independent requested him whether faith things to him or perhaps not, Paul responded “Not really. I have a kind of personal faith in something good, but it doesn’t really go much further than that. It’s certainly not subscribing to any organised religion.”

Psul added  “I think that [organized religion] may be the reason for plenty of difficulty – ‘My god is better than yours’. But i really do believe there will be something greater than me… and that is difficult to assume. No, stop it, come on.”

The previous Beatles does think Jesus existed historically. “Jesus I could see, that’s a historical character. I was always really amused by the fact that he was Jewish. I loved that because I thought, ‘that will stick it to all these anti-Semitic people’.”

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