What Does Harry Styles Think About God & Religion?

by Jeremy Spirogis
What Does Harry Styles Think About God & Religion?

Harry Styles garners headlines for their songs, their style feeling, their love life, as well as their uncommon tv appearances. Rarely has actually any person requested him about their religious views. Here’s just what Styles needed to state about God, religion, and karma.

A photo from Spotify’s gathering of Harry Styles’ Fine Line | Rich Fury/Getty Images for Spotify

Harry Styles gets really serious with Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a night time number recognized for her comedy and social discourse. She’s typically as yet not known for speaking about theology. However, she smashed from custom to go over a bunch of supernatural topics with Syles in a job interview for Another Man.

Handler asked Styles “Do you believe in God?” Styles’ preliminary response wasn’t a primary response to issue. He just stated “Wow.”

Handler explained the reason why she requested issue. “I mean, you seem kind of spiritual to me, like hippie spiritual. I didn’t know if you were religious.”

Is Harry Styles spiritual?

Harry Styles positions for SiriusXM | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Styles had been satisfied with Handler’s range of terms. “I’m glad you said it, I feel like anyone who says, ‘I’m spiritual’ sounds a little wanky. But yeah, I definitely consider myself to be more spiritual than religious.”

Styles discussed their ethical viewpoint. “I’m maybe not super tied-in to particular principles but i believe it is naïve to state absolutely nothing exists and there’s nothing above us or maybe more effective than us. We think that is a little narrow-minded.

Handler held the conversation on weighty topics. She expected “Are you one of those people who thinks everything happens for a reason?” Although Styles never ever stated whether he thinks in God, he did respond to this follow-up concern straight.

Does he believe in karma?

Buddhism is among the religions which shows karma exists | The Print Collector/Getty Images

Styles stated “I definitely believe in karma. I think ‘everything happens for a reason’ is a difficult one because there’s a lot of shit happening in the world that’s so unfair right now. So it’s hard to look at that stuff and think, ‘Well, everything happens for a reason.’”

Styles reiterated their belief in a religious power away from mankind. “But I definitely think there’s something, that it’s not just us. It’s kind of crazy to think that it’s just us. I’m not saying I believe in aliens, but you know what I mean.” He expected Handler “Are you religious?”

Handler responded “No! I believe in karma, in energy, I believe people make things happen because there’s too much magic. But conversely, there’s so much sadness it’s hard to believe in what the reasoning behind everything is. Any person who has a brain thinks about it.”

How faith influences Harry Styles’ work

An illustration of Jesus walking on liquid | Culture Club/Getty Images

Although Styles does not align himself with any certain faith, he has actually included Christian imagery in the art. New Statesman reports Styles’ video clip for the tune “Sign of the Times” functions a minute where in fact the singer walks on liquid. The video clip is referencing probably the most popular of Jesus’ miracles, as described in Matthew 14:22–34. New Statesman claims Styles is regarded as an extended type of male performers examine on their own to Jesus, including David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and Kanye West.

Styles is religious. He may not are part of any spiritual sect. That does not alter that several of his fans see him as a present from God.

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