What is ‘Good Girls’ Star Mae Whitman’s Net Worth?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Mae Whitman as Annie Marks

Mae Whitman’s acting profession has actually already been taking place for quite some time for a person who is just 31 many years old. She had been hardly avove the age of a toddler whenever she got her first functioning job, in a Tyson Chicken professional. Since then she’s worked with a who’s which of Hollywood stars, including Meg Ryan, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, and more. 

Through the years Whitman has steadily cultivated from an adorable kid star to 1 regarding the gifted performers regarding the NBC comedy-drama series Good Girls. How have actually her many years into the business gained her financially? Here’s a review of her profession and where it’s brought her.

Mae Whitman had been scouted by accident

Mae Whitman as Annie Marks
Mae Whitman as Annie Marks | Justin Lubin/NBC

According to a job interview Whitman did with Glamour, she stumbled to the acting business. Her mother, Pat Musick, worked as a voice celebrity, and she introduced Whitman along to 1 of her auditions whenever she had been about 2 or 3. In the waiting room for the audition, some body noticed exactly how pretty Whitman had been.

They provided her a component in a commercial. Musick ended up beingn’t certain it had been a good idea, but Whitman concurred eagerly, and a star was created.

By the full time she had been six Whitman had been cast as Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia’s daughter into the movie When A Man Loves A Woman. After that then followed lots of components playing the role of someone’s daughter in various films.

She played the child associated with the president in Independence Day, George Clooney’s daughter in One Fine Day, and the girl of Sandra Bullock in Hope Floats.

Mae Whitman had been a young child actor

It are difficult for stars whom began their particular jobs as young ones to maneuver into larger functions. But Whitman made it search normal. After years of playing the pretty younger girl, she began stepping into playing older, more technical figures. 

She took in functions in tv shows including Arrested Development, Chicago Hope, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. In 2009, she arrived part into the long-running series Parenthood as the strong-willed rebellious teenager Amber Holt.

In 2015 she played the lead in The Duff, showing that she keeps growing as an actor. 

Mae Whitman is established in acting today

All along, Whitman has additionally used inside her mother’s footsteps and done vocals work. She has actually played figures for animated films, including The Jungle Book 2 and Tinkerbell.

In fact, she was the initial star previously to sound the type of Tinkerbell, who’d never ever talked in a film before the variation Whitman voiced in 2008. She’s also done sound work with animated television series, including Superman, Johnny Bravo, and The Wild Thornberrys. 

What keeps her busiest today is most likely her series with NBC, Good Girls. It’s a well liked among fans and tv experts alike plus it is apparently an excellent success. The 3rd period associated with the program will begin on February 16. 

Mae Whitman has remained the program

Having started her acting job therefore younger, it couldn’t be astonishing if Whitman had dropped victim into the dilemmas numerous kid actors face as they age. But Whitman has actually remained out of the medications, liquor, psychological dilemmas, and crisis that end many encouraging performing jobs. She stays centered on performing the job she really loves and carrying it out well. 

It’s most likely not surprising, then, that her constant profession is effective economically.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Whitman’s bottom range places her into the millionaire’s club. Her net worth is predicted is $1 million, and when her background shows us any such thing she’s just increasing after that. 

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