What is Lisa Kudrow’s Net Worth and How Does She Make Her Money?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Lisa Kudrow attends The Trevor Project

Imagine a tv show where a number of buddies that sit around speaking and drinking coffee. It doesn’t sound super interesting, but that’s basically the concept of Friends. The program had been extremely preferred and record-breaking much more than one of the ways.

Its actors had been a number of the highest-paid on tv during the time, in accordance with justification. The concept of Friends was simple. It had been the figures followers connected with. 

Lisa Kudrow had been a skilled and effective celebrity because of the time she arrived the part of Phoebe Buffay on Friends. She’s still using on acting gigs, but simply like her Friends co-stars, Phoebe will most likely often be her biggest success.

‘Friends’ made Lisa Kudrow a multi-millionaire 

Before playing Phoebe Buffay, Kudrow had been renowned for playing Phoebe’s identical twin-sister, Ursula Buffay. Ursula had been a forgetful and quirky waitress on Mad About You. The personality had been among the funnier elements of the program, however it probably performedn’t net Kudrow a ton of money.

Friends was produced by NBC, as well as the article writers place the Central Perk gang in identical world as Mad About You. Both Phoebe Buffay along with her sister Ursula lived in New York. They sporadically crossed paths on Friends, meaning Kudrow starred opposite herself. 

When she started on Friends, Kudrow was making about $22,500 per episode. That suggests she took residence just over half a million bucks per period. By the termination of the show, she had been making a record-breaking $1 million per event.

All informed, Kudrow made about $90 million bucks in wage from her time in the program. That’s only wage. There had been various other economic advantageous assets to working on Friends, including royalties. 

All that Friends royalty money adds to Kudrow’s impressive wealth. 

Lisa Kudrow’s web worth is $90 million 

Lisa Kudrow attends The Trevor Project's 2017 TrevorLIVE LA on December 3, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.
Lisa Kudrow | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Although she nevertheless features earnings from acting, it’s likely that Friends money accocunts for the lion’s share of Kudrow’s web worth. She along with her cast people had been wise adequate to require a share of this program as well as increased wage in another of their particular agreement negotiations.

Like the $1 million per event wage, it was significantly historical. Only Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld had that arrangement before, and both guys had been on indicates that they created. 

Fighting for royalty liberties had been one of several smartest things the Friends cast people performed. It’s probably made them each the maximum amount of cash because they made in the program, or even more.

Every time the program tends to make cash, Kudrow tends to make cash. Since Friends is still extensively syndicated, she along with her other cast people make between $10 and $20 million a-year away from reruns. 

Lisa Kudrow isn’t the wealthiest ‘Friends’ cast member

Ninety million dollars may seem like lots of money. It is obviously absolutely nothing to sneeze at, and that’s why it is surprising that Kudrow isn’t the richest Friends cast user. In reality, in 2018 she had the cheapest internet worth away from all her previous co-stars. 

The highest web worth is held by Jennifer Aniston. That’s unsurprising, thinking about she’s most likely experienced even more flicks than her Friends co-stars. She may be worth significantly more than $220 million. 

The second wealthiest cast user is Courtney Cox. She made cash after Friends starring in the most popular sitcom Cougar Town. While her part for the reason that program didn’t make her Friends level money, she continues to have a remarkable net worth. It had been around $120 million in 2018.

Even though Aniston may be worth significantly more than her co-stars, there aren’t any tough emotions. The team obviously however gets collectively. Earlier this current year, Aniston exposed an Instagram account and made her first post.

The image? A grainy selfie of all the Friends stars collectively, 10 years following the show’s series finale. 

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