What is the complete title of corona virus?

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Question 1: Which a part of the physique doesn’t develop from start to loss of life?
Answer – Eye cornea
Question 2: Who will get earnings from the registration price within the village truthful.
Answer: District Council
Question 3: What is the surname of Tokyo, the capital of Japan?
Answer: Osaka
Question 4: What is the complete type of AM and PM?
Answer- AM = Ante Meridiem, PM = Post Meridiem.
Question 5: Who is the creator of the e-book 'War Endpiece'?
Answer: Lyotolstoy
Question 6: Where is the harbor of Indus Valley Civilization situated?
Answer: Lothal
Question 7: What was the previous title of Delhi?
Answer: Indraprastha
Question – What is the complete title of Corona virus? <! –

                 99% folks fail to inform
Answer – 2019-nCoV Acute Respiratory Disease

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