What Were Larry David’s New Year’s Resolutions? He Explains His Favorites to Stephen Colbert

by Jeremy Spirogis
Stephen Colbert and Larry David

Larry David showed up on a bout of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this month, during that the two discussed the brand new period of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Fans for the program will keep in mind that Stephen Colbert really had a short look in the bout of the program as a disgruntled lover. During their talk, Larry David uncovered that he’s recently gotten into New Year’s resolutions, in which he has actually several which he believes every person should adopt. 

Larry David performs this before he makes the house 

Stephen Colbert and Larry David
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and visitor Larry David | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

Larry David told Stephen Colbert that following New Year’s resolutions is a unique thing for him — just recently gets the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator decided to begin with them. However, he’s got a number one quality which he thinks worked away excellently for him to date. 

“See here’s the thing, I never used to do resolutions. A couple years ago, I did one. And it’s worked, and it was ‘pee before you leave.’ Anywhere,” explained Larry David. 

“Don’t be ashamed to go to the bathroom! Just say, ‘I have to go to the bathroom before I go.’ People aren’t going to look down on you for doing that. Go, go to the bathroom! And then leave, you’ll be so much happier than sitting in the car, cursing yourself, going, ‘I don’t know why I didn’t go to the bathroom. Why didn’t I go?’” stated David. 

However, which wasn’t truly the only trip-related quality that actually stuck for the comedy master. He continued to show that another common-sense resolution has grown to become a mainstay. 

“Now last year, I had another one that’s been really good. And that was, ‘Make two trips.’ You’re coming home with groceries, okay, you gotta go into the house — don’t pile it up, you know, dont pile everything up and go into the house! You drop stuff, you’re dropping canteloupe on the floor, you know, go in with one bag! Take half, go into the house, drop it off, then go back to the car,” explained David. 

Colbert quipped, “You threw me slightly there when you said, ‘Make two trips.’ I thought two trips to the bathroom. I was gonna say, two trips, and then straight to the urologist.”

Larry David does not wave anymore 

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But, becoming Larry David, he’s got some more viewpoints to share with you, also within the kinds of resolutions. And one of those is because of exactly how we connect to waiters. 

Larry David uncovered that a differnt one of their resolutions is to cease waving at waiters. He informed Stephen Colbert, “Wait I got another resolution for this year. I got two for this year. Stop waving at waiters to get their attention. Don’t wave like this, it’s like my father, ‘Hey come here, come here.’” 

Colbert asked just how David intends to manage to get thier interest. “I’m gonna start nodding. I think it’s better.” 

David then continued to offer several instances, and Colbert stated, “That looks exhausting!” He then admitted which he waves at waiters, and believes it is fine — some thing with which David disagrees.

Swiping is hard 

Stephen Colbert and Larry DavidStephen Colbert and Larry David
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and visitor Larry David | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

Larry David’s 2nd resolution for 2020 is more farfetched. It appears as though David struggles to deal with swiping and placing their card. 

“I have one more resolution,” unveiled David whenever Colbert attempted to move ahead. “I said I have two for this year, and you didn’t listen!” joked David.

“I’m gonna learn how to swipe, cause I’m not a good swiper, with the card,” explained David. “Swiping. I’m a bad swiper. You know you’re in a cab and you gotta swipe sometimes. Now you have to insert.”

“Never been great at inserting. I always need a little help,” joked David. 

Fans of Larry David can observe Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. The program will launch regular on Sundays. 

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