What's Going On With The Green Lantern Corps Movie

by Jeremy Spirogis
What's Going On With The Green Lantern Corps Movie

Green Lantern Corps Will Be A More Cosmic Story

Although the primary Green Lantern film noticed Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan being transported to Oa and later battling Parallax out in area, the vast majority of the motion was Earthbound. Not so for Green Lantern Corps. That’s to not say there gained’t be any scenes set on Earth within the film, however years in the past, Green Lantern Corps was described as “Lethal Weapon in area,” with Hal and John Stewart’s differing strategies of policing the universe and opposing personalities main them to regularly bicker as they combat the forces of evil.

Now granted, the script could be fairly totally different in comparison with again then, however it nonetheless looks as if Green Lantern Corps will primarily be set in area, which might be a great way for this DC property to face out from the remainder of its ilk.

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