When Boman Irani confronted a 'powerful' time in his relationship with ladylove Zenobia

by Jeremy Spirogis
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When Boman Irani confronted a ‘powerful’ time in his relationship &  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

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Key Highlights

  • Boman Irani opened up on his love life for the primary time
  • The actor recalled how he as soon as confronted a troublesome time in his relationship with Zenobia
  • He additionally talked about proposing to her for marriage on their first date

Bollywood actor Boman Irani, who is just talked for his physique of labor, has opened up about his love story with spouse Zenobia for the primary time. The Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. actor’s stunning story of romance will make you imagine that real love does exist. In a latest interview, Boman revealed that it was love at a primary sight for him when Zenobia entered his Wafer Shop.

Going down the reminiscence lane, the actor revealed that he proposed to his ladylove on their very first date. Within a month of their over-the-counter and telephonic chats, Boman knew Zenobia was the one. The actor recalled how she used to make his day inside a couple of minutes of their dialog. 

Everything was going wonderful between the 2, however there was a time when Boman was requested to chop off from Zenobia for a month throughout her BSc exams. “But during her BSc exams, her dad said, ‘If you don’t mind, please don’t call for a month, she’s getting distracted!’ It was tough, but it cemented my feelings,” he advised Humans Of Bombay

“It was love at first sight when Zenobia walked into my Wafer Shop. She made my day with just minutes of conversation. Soon, she began visiting everyday & I knew she liked me too–I mean, who needs so many wafers? ⁣ Across-the-counter chats turned into calls–we’d talk about everything. But during her BSC exams, her dad said, ‘If you don’t mind, please don’t call for a month, she’s getting distracted!’ It was tough, but it cemented my feelings.⁣ Finally, after her exams, we went on our first date. But before we even got the menus, I blurted, ‘I think we should get married!’ Kids these days will think I was bonkers but I didn’t need to ‘figure it out’. I knew she was the one. ⁣ You know what she said next? ‘Ya, of course. Oh, wait! I forgot my umbrella.’ I’d just proposed & that’s what she said! She thought it was raining when it was just the sound of a Sizzler plate! ⁣ That night, I knew 2 things: I was going to marry her & I wouldn’t need a TV–we had all the entertainment we needed. Guess I was right–we still joke about that night! ⁣ On our 1st anniversary, she ‘surprised’ me with a camera–except she used the tips I’d earned at the Taj to buy it! Before we knew it, we had 2 kids–we were eager beavers! But the best part about marriage was that I didn’t have to deal with her 9 PM curfew or her dad waiting like a tiger on the porch.⁣ But honestly, for every laugh I get out of her, she’s been my anchor through it all. She took over the Wafer Shop, took care of the family & pushed me to follow my dream of becoming an actor. ⁣ I’m in the spotlight now, but she’s my moral compass. Once, when I’d quoted a fee for a show, my manager realized their budget was larger. When I asked Zenobia about charging a higher fee, she said, ‘No–you were happy with the 1st price so don’t get greedy!’ So I say, she may be bad for business but she’s good for the soul. ⁣ 2 kids & 2 grandkids later, the humor is going strong. We still play 20 questions every time we travel, a game we played on our honeymoon–but I never let her win! It’s been 35 years of laughing together & that’s the key–seeing her smile is everything… even if it’s because she knows I’ve got my next joke lined up for her!”

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Soon after her exams completed, the couple went on their first date and that’s precisely when Boman proposed to his ladylove for marriage. And her on the spot response was, “Ya, of course. Oh, wait! I forgot my umbrella.”

The 3 Idiots actor additional talked about the reward he obtained from Zenobia on their first anniversary. She shocked her man by gifting him a digicam, which she bought from the guidelines she earned at The Taj. 


Talking about one of the best a part of their marriage, Boman said that he didn’t should cope with her 9 PM curfew or her dad ready like a tiger on the porch. On a concluding notice, Boman praised his spouse for taking up his Wafer Shop, taking care of his household and pushing him to comply with his dream to change into an actor. 

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