Which Cher Songs Were Billboard No. 1 Hits?

by Jeremy Spirogis

Cher has been a chart-topping diva for over 5 many years, and he or she continues to convey followers to their knees — lately by way of an look as Donna Sheridan’s mom in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Throughout her profession, she has managed to snag a number of Billboard Top 100 hits, but 4 songs peaked at primary. 

Cher | Harry Langdon/Getty Images

1. ‘Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves’ peaked at #1 in 1971 

“Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves” peaked at primary on the Billboard Charts in 1971; the track stayed on the charts for 16 weeks and stays a fan-favorite Cher quantity. “Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves” is likely one of the a number of ‘70s Cher hits that reached primary. 

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As for the story, the track focuses on a lady born “in the wagon of a travelin’ show” to a household prepared to do virtually something to scrape by. Papa would “preach somewhat gospel’ whereas mama danced for cash.

2. ‘Half-Breed’ peaked at #1 in 1973 

In “Half-Breed,” Cher takes on the id of a lady who’s half Native American and half white, and he or she lives a life condemned by each teams. She doesn’t slot in anyplace, and he or she struggles to search out her method, ceaselessly hating the time period “Half-Breed.” Cher explains within the track, “We never settled. Went from town to town. When you’re not welcome, you don’t hang around.”

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“Half-Breed peaked on October 6 in 1973 and stayed on the charts for 20 full weeks. In latest live shows, Cher sang components of “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves, “Half-Breed,” and “Dark Lady as items of a medley. 

3. ‘Dark Lady’ peaked at #1 in 1974 

“Dark Lady” peaked at primary on March 23 in 1974. In quick, the ‘70s was fairly the last decade for Cher regarding Billboard hits. The track follows Cher as a lady who goes to see a fortune teller. The girl realizes that the fortune teller is sleeping together with her husband upon recognizing the odor of her fragrance. Like the numbers above, the track is fast-paced and carries a sing-a-long nature although the story is sort of critical and reflective. 

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4. ‘Believe’ hit #1 in 1999 

“Believe” — Cher’s most up-to-date Billboard #1 hit — peaked on March 13 in 1999. The track managed to remain on the charts for 31 weeks, which is sort of a powerful feat.

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Cher has managed to prime the charts for many years on finish, garnering the nickname The Queen of Reinvention. Despite typically telling followers that she’s strolling away, she will be able to’t appear to cease entertaining…and nobody is complaining. While most of her primary hits got here within the 1970s, Cher has 12 prime 10 hits, together with “If I Could Turn Back Time” (1989), “I Found Someone”(1988), and “After All” (1989).

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